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Request for Proposals
The Pierce's Disease and Glassy-winged
Sharpshooter (PD/GWSS) Board is
currently accepting proposals for research
and outreach projects on the following
serious pests and diseases of winegrapes:
* PD and its vectors, especially GWSS
* Brown marmorated stink bug
* Grapevine fanleaf disease
* Grapevine leafroll disease
* Grapevine red blotch disease
* Mealybug pests of winegrapes
* Spotted lanternfly
Proposals must be submitted
electronically by Jan. 31. The board's
research and outreach program is funded
by the PD/GWSS winegrape grower
Petition Filed in CA
Regarding Autonomous
Tractors in Vineyards
Monarch Tractors, a Livermore-based
manufacturer of autonomous electric
tractors, in December filed a petition
with California's Occupational Safety
and Health Standards Board seeking
regulatory relief from the current state
requirement that a person must be
physically on board at the controls of the
tractor when in use. The petition lays out
the criteria for the safe use of the tractor
while being operated remotely. This
petition will be evaluated by Cal/OSHA
and the board will report its decision no
later than six months following receipt of
the petition. During that period, the board
will accept public comments in writing
and in person at board hearings.
Early Winter Storms Provide
Much-Needed Snowpack
The Department of Water Resources
(DWR) on Dec. 30 conducted its first
manual snow survey in the Sierra Nevada
east of Sacramento (Phillips Station).
The survey recorded 78.5 inches of snow
depth and a snow water equivalent
(SWE) of 20 inches, which is 202% for
this location on this date. In comparison,
the Dec. 30, 2021 stats were 30.5 inches
of snow depth and a SWE of 10.5 inches,
which was 93% of average. Statewide, the
snowpack is 160% of average for this date.
Early winter storms provided a strong
start to the season and some drought
relief, but DWR emphasized that
California remains in a drought.
New Wildland Fire
Mitigation and Management
Commission Established
USDA, Department of the Interior and
Department of Homeland Security's
Federal Emergency Management
Agency on Dec. 17 established a new
commission to provide federal, state
and local recommendations to increase
wildfire mitigation efforts. Required by
the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs
Act, the commission will provide a report
to Congress on policy recommendations
for fire mitigation, suppression and
cost-effective solutions to materials
shortages through 2030. The work of
the commission will build on existing
interagency federal efforts such as the
Wildland Fire Leadership Council and
the White House Wildfire Resilience
Interagency Working Group.
8 JANUARY 2022
Comments on Proposed
WOTUS Rule Due by Feb. 7
On Nov. 18, 2021, the U.S. EPA and the
Department of the Army announced the
signing of a proposed rule to revise the
definition of " waters of the United States "
(WOTUS). The agencies propose to put
back into place the pre-2015 definition of
WOTUS, updated to reflect consideration
of Supreme Court decisions. On Dec. 7,
the proposed rule was published in the
Federal Register. The public comment
period will close on Feb. 7.
Comments on Sites Reservoir
Project Due by Jan. 28
The Bureau of Reclamation and Sites
Project Authority have extended the
public review and comment period -
from Jan. 11 to Jan. 28 - on the proposed
Sites Reservoir Project in Northern
California to allow for additional
comments on the project's environmental
analysis (Sites Reservoir Project Revised
Draft Environmental Impact Report/
Supplemental Draft Environmental
Impact Statement).

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