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Bills Addressing Wildfire Smoke Research and Crop Insurance
Last month, US Senator Alex Padilla and Congressman
Mike Thompson (both from California) introduced two
crucial pieces of legislation aimed at providing enhanced
protection for winegrape growers on the West Coast.
The Smoke Exposure Research Act and the Crop
Insurance for Wine Grapes Act were introduced to
enhance research and risk management efforts to better
comprehend the effects of wildfire smoke on winegrapes
due to prolonged exposure. These bills will drive
investments into comprehensive research and equitable
insurance products for growers.
In a press release from Senator Padilla, CAWG
President Natalie Collins expressed appreciation for
Smoke Exposure Research Act
Federal research on smoke exposure has never
been formally authorized but the Smoke Exposure
Research Act of 2023 aims to provide more certainty
by authorizing $32.5 million over five years to conduct
research in coordination with the University of California
Davis, Oregon State University, and Washington State
University on the effects of smoke exposure on viticulture
and enology operations and practices.
One-pager summary of the bill is available here.
Full text of the bill is available here.
the Senator's leadership in recognizing the extensive
effects of wildfires and his proactive efforts to protect
the winegrape industry. Collins emphasized the urgent
necessity for research and crop insurance measures to
address the devastating consequences of wildfires on
California winegrape growers. With more than 615,000
acres of vineyards stretching across the state, the wine
industry's economic impact resonates nationwide,
generating a significant annual revenue of $170.5 billion.
CAWG looks forward to working collaboratively with
Senator Padilla, Rep. Thompson, and other stakeholders
to advance this legislation and ensure a resilient future
for winegrape growers in the face of wildfire challenges.
Crop Insurance for Winegrapes
Building on the underlying research that would be
provided by the Smoke Exposure Research Act, the
Crop Insurance for Wine Grapes Act would expand
and improve crop insurance for wine grapes impacted
by smoke. The bill directs the Federal Crop Insurance
Corporation to research and develop a crop insurance
policy to insure wine grapes against losses due to
wildfire smoke exposure.
One-page summary of the bill is available here.
Full text of the bill is available here.
Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2023
A bipartisan group of US Representatives, including California's Reps Zoe Lofgren (D-18), Jim Costa (D-21), Jimmy
Panetta (D-19), David Valadao (R-22), Salud Carbajal (D-24), and John Duarte (R-13), among others, have reintroduced
the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, H.R. 4319.
This legislation addresses the crucial need for a workforce solution within America's agriculture industry. The bill, which
passed the House of Representatives with strong bipartisan support in the 116th and 117th Congresses, updates the
H-2A agricultural guest worker program and is a compromise solution that provides needed stability for farms and
farmworkers. In December 2019, the bill achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first agricultural labor reform
legislation to pass the House of Representatives since 1986.
The key provisions of the bill include:
* Reforms to the H-2A program aimed at granting employers greater flexibility while upholding crucial protections
for workers.
* Creation of a program that enables agricultural workers already in the United States to earn legal status through
continued employment in agriculture and contributing to the country's agricultural economy.
* Emphasis on modifications that enhance the program's responsiveness and user-friendliness for employers and
expand access to industries with year-round labor needs.
Former CAWG Board Member and current US Congressman John Duarte emphasized, " America relies on the hardworking
men and women who help put food on our table. Our farm workers protect our food security and provide
working families with high-quality, affordable food. The Farm Workforce Modernization Act helps the Central Valley by
protecting our workforce, ensuring the future of our farms, and streamlining our visa process. I am proud to join both
Democrats and Republicans alike in helping reintroduce this crucial piece of legislation. " | Page 3

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