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CDFA will hold a virtual public hearing on August 11,
2023, to discuss proposed rulemaking regarding Grape
Crush District changes. The amendment proposed in this
rulemaking action would modify the boundary between
Grape Pricing Districts 5 and 17 utilized for the Grape
Crush Report. In short, the rulemaking proposes to move
the Ryer Island region from District 5 to District 17.
CDFA's notice states the objective is to ensure market
data accuracy and equity of average grape price reports
in the annual grape crush report. The specific benefits
anticipated from the regulation are to correct unintended
negative economic impacts to the western viticultural
areas of District 5 due to the inclusion of the Ryer Island
area in District 5 and to better align the grape pricing
districts with federal American Viticultural Areas.
Interested persons may present statements or arguments
with respect to alternatives to the proposed regulation
at the scheduled hearing or during the written comment
period. The written comment period closes on
August 11, 2023.
Inquiries and comments concerning the proposed
action may be directed to:
Kacie Fritz, Special Assistant
California Department of Food and Agriculture
Marketing Services Division
1220 N Street Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 900-5011
Additional information on the proposed regulation and
Initial Statement of Reasons can be found on CDFA's
With temperatures rising throughout the state, it is critical to ensure that you, and your workforce,
are prepared.
The agricultural industry has additional required protections when outdoor worksites reach or
exceed 95 degrees. High-heat procedures include ensuring employees are observed regularly for
signs of heat illness and establishing effective communication methods so workers can contact a
supervisor when needed.
Employers with outdoor workers in all industries must take the following steps to prevent
heat illness:
* Plan - Develop and implement an effective written heat illness prevention plan that includes
emergency response procedures.
* Training - Train all employees and supervisors on heat illness prevention.
* Water - Provide drinking water that is fresh, pure, suitably cool, and free of charge so that
each worker can drink at least 1 quart per hour, and encourage workers to do so.
* Rest - Encourage workers to take a cool-down rest in the shade for at least five minutes when
they feel the need to do so to protect themselves from overheating. Workers should not wait
until they feel sick to cool down.
* Shade - Provide proper shade when temperatures exceed 80 degrees. Workers have the right
to request and be provided shade to cool off at any time.
Employers who have questions or need assistance with workplace health and safety programs can
call Cal/OSHA's Consultation Services Branch at 800-963-9424.
Resources: CAWG eAlert | Heat Illness Prevention web page | Heat Illness Prevention online tool |
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