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Sonoma County Winegrowers announced last week,
members of the first and second classes of the Sonoma
County Fundación de la Voz de los Viñedos (formerly the
Sonoma County Grape Growers Foundation) Leadership
Academy gathered at Dutton Ranch where Congressman
Mike Thompson surprised the group by announcing he
was inviting them to visit Washington, D.C.
Along with his surprise announcement, Eric Edge of
Alaska Airlines shared that not only is the group invited,
but that Alaska Airlines will be donating the flights from
San Francisco to D.C. for all.
While in Washington, D.C. this summer, the group will
represent Sonoma County agriculture, tour the White
House, and meet with members of the Wine Caucus.
Participants will share their knowledge of farming and
the leadership skills they have
learned with policymakers
who may not have an indepth
understanding of what
it takes to grow grapes and
make wine.
This was both a thank
you and recognition for
their incredible work for
community, which Thompson
represented since 1998.
The Leadership Academy is
in its second year and is a
year-long program that meets
RECORDING: Utilizing Vineyard Insights to Inform
Critical Decision Making
CAWG partnered with VineView to host a webinar on
May 23 focused on VineView's cutting-edge technology,
transforming how grape growers monitor crop health.
VineView's innovative approach uses specialized
aerial-based spectral sensors and cloud-based image
processing services to deliver ultra-high resolution aerial
imagery and data insights. These insights can help
growers make informed decisions about their vineyard
health and optimize crop yield. The webinar explored
VineView's unique methods for detecting veraison and
scouting diseases, such as Red Leaf.
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eight times for half-day classes between February and
July. Each cohort consists of 15 to 25 class members.
Participants, all vineyard employees in Sonoma County,
are nominated to take part in the Leadership Academy
each year to learn skills that will help them take on
leadership roles in their jobs and community, including
financial literacy, communications, sustainability, and
more. These topics are taught by local subject-matter
experts who work with the Fundación to elevate the
agricultural community's voice.
Read more about the Sonoma County Fundación de la
Voz de los Viñedos in the Sonona County Winegrowers
Photo: Sonoma County Winegrowers

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