The Crush June 2023 - 5

We are halfway through the 2023 legislative
year. So, it's time to look at the sheer volume
of legislation moving through California's state
Chris Micheli is a law professor and lobbyist
who is often part of a labor-focused coalition
of industry associations that includes CAWG.
As a self-described " legislative geek, " he
researched the different types of bills that have
been considered by the California Legislature
so far this year.
Below is his reported data:
* More than 2,660 bills were introduced.
* 124 bills would take effect immediately.
* 717 bills contain a state-mandated
local program. (These bills place
requirements on a city or county.)
* 2,007 bills would have a fiscal effect. (These bills
have a price tag in a year with a state budget
* 78 bills contain an appropriation. (These bills
spend money the state maybe doesn't have.)
* 2,520 bills require a majority vote for passage.
* 158 bills require a 2/3 vote for passage.
* 58 bills have urgency clauses. (These bills are
alleged to be needed to address a pressing
* 65 bills are tax levies.
* 53 bills are of statewide concern, rather than
municipal affairs.
* 14 bills disclaim being gifts of public funds. (The
bills may be perceived as a gift of public funds,
but the bills declare otherwise.)
* 551 bills were introduced as intent bills.
(These bills simply state, " It is the intent of the
legislature to _________. " )
* 495 bills were introduced as " spot " bills. (These
are placeholder bills that don't do anything, but
are substantially amended later.)
CAWG sponsors and supports legislation that positively impacts grapegrowing in California and opposes
legislation that can negatively impact the industry, our workforce, and our communities. CAWG's Priority
Bill List outlines some of the work CAWG is doing in Sacramento.
Priority Bill List
There have been a lot of bills that need to take effect
ASAP, some of which come with associated costs or
impose specific obligations on cities and counties. To
provide context, Micheli looked back to legislation since
1999 and reports the following:
* Total number of bills that would take effect
immediately: 6,429
* Total number of bills that contain a statemandated
local program: 12,751
* Total number of bills that would have a fiscal
effect: 40,176
* Total number of bills that contain an
appropriation: 4,864
In short, the legislature has been very busy and, for a
very long time. This is why California is home to some of
the most voluminous and detailed laws and regulations
in the nation.

The Crush June 2023

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