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Edgar L. Jara, Santa Rosa, Roseland University Prep
Edgar is the son of immigrant parents who pushed him to focus on his education and pursue a college degree. Edgar's
dedication to his studies and his exceptional critical thinking capabilities drive his aspirations to major in music and
become an audio engineer. He is passionate about music production in all forms including music, movies, and video
games. Edgar takes his education very seriously and is enamored with studying Spanish-speaking culture. Outside
of school, Edgar volunteers at Ironman Triathlons because of his desire to help others and learn about the effort and
commitment required to put on these events. Edgar values giving back to his community through volunteer activities.
Edgar plans on attending Santa Rosa Junior College in the fall.
David Luera, Creston, Mission Prep High School
David is a tenacious, resilient, motivated, and hardworking student who has shown great leadership in his extracurricular
activities at Mission Prep High School. David has a deep history in the agricultural industry, growing up on his family's
ranch, one that he hopes to continue as he gains knowledge and further understanding of the wine, farming, and
business industries. David raised livestock and participated in 4-H since he was 5 years old and worked at multiple
wineries in Paso Robles where he was able to explore different aspects of the industry. David plans to attend Cal Poly,
San Luis Obispo in the fall majoring in Viticulture and Enology.
Mindy Diaz Jacobo, Lompoc, Cabrillo High School
Mindy is a first-generation college student with a strong love for the winegrape industry that has been a part of her life
since she was born. Her enthusiasm for the cultivation of winegrapes comes from working alongside her grandfather and
father in the vineyard on the weekends. In high school, Mindy was a part of the Cabrillo High School Viticulture Program
where she became the Vineyard Manager Lead. As the lead, Mindy managed the vineyard including identifying brix
levels, tending to irrigation problems, pruning, and more. Mindy plans to attend Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in the fall
majoring in Viticulture & Enology to achieve her career goal of becoming a vineyard manager.
About the California Association of Winegrape Growers Foundation
The CAWG Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation that awards scholarships to high school seniors whose
parent or legal guardian is employed by a California winegrape grower.

The Crush June 2023

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