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Ag Overtime Issue Divides Democrats Cont.
is required to pay overtime for the 2 hours worked per day
beyond 8 hours. In this way, the ag overtime law denies ag
workers the same options available to other industries and
workers. This makes no sense.
That is why CAWG sponsored AB 2758 (Cooper) in 2020 to
allow ag workers the opportunity for the same alternative
workweek schedule available to workers in other industries.
However, it seems progressive Democrats who champion
the ag overtime law don't trust ag workers to decide for
themselves what's in their best interests. UFW opposed the
bill and effectively killed it.
As CAWG and other ag organizations push for sensible
changes to the ag overtime law, we know UFW and
progressive Democrats lay in wait, ready to oppose any
change as " anti-farmworker. " No matter the consequences
for ag workers.
In 2016 the UFW successfully convinced union members to
come to Sacramento to lobby in favor of the ag overtime
bills, which did not apply to those same workers. In 2020, the
UFW convinced lawmakers that giving ag workers a choice
about their workweek schedule would " nullify overtime pay
for farm workers. " Let there be no doubt about it, in 2022,
the UFW's hold over progressives in the Democratic Party
remains undiminished.
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