The Crush November 2022 - 11

Join the CAWG PAC for a rockin' good time at
the Torch Club! The event will take place on
Wednesday, January 25, during the Unified
Wine & Grape Symposium, in downtown
Live music will be on tap by Remedy 7,
featuring our very own Michael Miiller
(CAWG's Director of Government Relations)
on the drums.
Sponsorships are available for this CAN'T
If you would like to RSVP via email instead of
online, please contact Jenny Devine directly.
Event Details
Wednesday, January 25, 2023
9:00 p.m. - midnight
Location: Torch Club
Near Memorial Auditorium
904 15th St
Sacramento, CA 95814
Sponsorship Levels
10 VIP Tickets
8 VIP Tickets
6 VIP Tickets
4 VIP Tickets
2 VIP Tickets
Custom sponsorship levels are available. Each ticket
includes comp VIP entry at the event and two drink
vouchers, good for beer, wine and well drinks.
Jenny Devine | 916-432-0133
Growing winegrapes is a risky proposition. Every year, growers confront new and challenging circumstances from
mother nature, the market, and ever-changing government regulations. CAWG PAC works to help elect policy
makers who understand our industry and will push back on government overreach. Be a part of that effort by
joining us on Wednesday evening, January 25, and by supporting CAWG PAC.
Contribution Limitations: Contributions to CAWG's State PAC are limited to $8,100 per calendar year, per
contributor. The limit includes both monetary contributions and donated items (at fair market value). Funds will
be used to make political contributions to state candidates, and for other political purposes. Contributions shall
be voluntary, non-tax deductible, and you have the right to refuse to contribute without reprisal. All funds are
deposited to our State PAC Account, unless instructed otherwise. FPPC ID #801893. If you would like to donate
to the Federal PAC, checks must be received from individual contributions. | Page 9

The Crush November 2022

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