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California law creates a system that is intended to allow
Californians to engage in state law-making through an
open, transparent, and public process. This is intended
to protect the public's interest in California lawmaking for
state and local agencies.
Those laws require public notice, time for public review
and comment, review of those comments, require
maintenance of a rulemaking file, provide for immediate
public access to that file and any related documents that
are used in rulemaking, and much more. Unfortunately,
the transparent process intended by those laws is often
ignored. Unfortunately, many agencies tend to do the
bare minimum required of them and nothing more.
Worse than that, state and local agencies far too often
use that process in a way that actually reduces public
Below are a few examples:
* Notice of public meetings of regulatory bodies
is often provided late in the day on a Friday.
Stakeholders are often expected to work over the
weekend to review agendas and prepare for public
* Public comment periods are measured in calendar
days. Unfortunately, agencies often open the public
review period so holidays and weekends eat up a big
chunk of that time.
* When public notice of amendments to proposed
regulations is provided, there's seldom any
explanation from the agency relative to what
the amendments are intended to accomplish.
Consequently, there is no opportunity for
collaboration whereby the public can help the
agency achieve a public purpose.
The most recent example of this lack of public process,
that nonetheless meets the letter of the law, is the
recently released amendments to the proposed
regulation for " Heat Illness Prevention in Indoor
Places of Employment. " This regulation was initially
released on May 18 for public review. CAWG and other
stakeholders raised several problems with the regulation.
On November 9, new amendments were released in
response to public comments.
The problems are the following: 1) There is no
explanation provided on what these amendments are
intended to accomplish; and 2) When considering
weekends and the Veterans Day and Thanksgiving
holiday, the 15 calendar days provided for public review
is actually only 10 business days.
When writing law, it is critical that there is detailed
public review and consideration of how that law will
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be enforced and interpreted. And then to look at how
compliance with that law can be achieved and whether
the proposed law actually accomplishes its proposed
public purpose.
Ten business days during the holiday season is woefully
inadequate to allow a meaningful public review of
important amendments to a significant regulation
like " Heat Illness Prevention in Indoor Places of
Employment. " Unfortunately, this lack of sufficient public
review is routine in Sacramento and for many local
agencies in California as well.
Nonetheless, groups like CAWG continue to work
through this subversion of the public process in an effort
to make sure that ag voices are heard. In that effort, we
appreciate our growers who share their concerns with
CAWG staff who advocate on your behalf.
A soldout
growers, key
vendors, and
wine industry
to be an
evening in
support of the CAWG PAC. Attendees enjoyed a farmto-fork
curated meal prepared by Guantonios in Lodi.
CAWG extends a heartfelt thank you to our sponsors
and the following directors: Davindar Mahil, Creekside
Farming; Craig Ledbetter, Vino Farms; Aaron Lange,
LangeTwins; Mike Manna, Manna Ranch; and Amy
Blagg, Lodi District Grape Growers Association, for their
efforts in making the evening a success.
Novavine, G3, John Kautz Farming, LangeTwins Family
Winery and Vineyards, Vino Farms, LLC, West Coast
Glass and Packaging, Allied Grape Growers, Blagg
Family Farms, Bogle Vineyards, Grow West, Jim's Supply
Company, KG Vineyard Management, Mettler Farms,
Mohr-Fry Ranches, Slater Farms, Inc.,Saxco, Sunridge
Nurseries, Turrentine Brokerage, Tricorbraun WinePak,
and Vinicas.

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