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A Strong CAWG PAC is Essential
Advocacy is a top priority for CAWG - and a strong political action committee (PAC) is
essential to our successes. In short, we need to help elect lawmakers who understand our
industry and how pending legislation in Sacramento affects growers all over the state.
CAWG PAC raises funds to support the election of candidates who recognize and
understand the significant contributions of California's winegrape industry. We can only do
this important work with the support of growers, associate members and friends.
Please consider making a contribution to the CAWG PAC. Donations are capped at $8,100
per calendar year and are not tax deductible. From all of us at CAWG, thank you in advance
for your support. It is greatly appreciated and will further our efforts in Sacramento.
Raffle to Support Foundation
We have a fun new way to support the CAWG Foundation and its
student scholarship program: Buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win an
awesome John Deere 4x4 Gator!
NEW DETAILS: Tickets ($100 each) can be purchased online. Also,
the drawing has been moved from Nov. 11 to Jan. 25, 2022 during the
CAWG Awards of Excellence reception at Unified.
Thank you to the sponsors and those who purchase tickets!
Wine Industry Partnership Advances
California, Washington, Oregon and New York wine
organizations have engaged in a partnership since 2018 to
advance sustainability among wineries and winegrape growers.
CAWG, Wine Institute and California Sustainable Winegrowing
Alliance are part of this partnership. As the initial phase of the
multi-year project concludes, the organizations are sharing
results and resources on the following: common definition and
principles, trade and consumer research, sustainability summits
and promotion/communication. Read press release
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The Crush - October 2021

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