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California's Wine Community Recognizes Farmer and
Farmworker Month
The following press release was
issued on Oct. 6.
California is the country's
top agricultural producer
and in October the state's
wine and winegrape
growing community
honors the farmers and
farmworkers who nurture
and harvest more than 400
crops - ranging from fruits,
vegetables and nuts to more
than 100 winegrape varieties.
" California Farmer and Farmworker Month is an important
opportunity to recognize all those who work incredibly hard
to bring the Golden State's world class wine and agricultural
products into the homes and communities across the state,
the nation and the world, " Wine Institute President and CEO
Robert P. Koch said.
California's wine and winegrape industries are critical economic
drivers for many communities and regions throughout our
state, employing 325,000 Californians, paying $17.2 billion in
wages annually and generating more than $57 billion in annual
economic activity for the state of California.
The diversity of California's vast growing regions, skill and
experience of its growers and their commitment to sustainable
winegrowing will ensure that California wine will continue to
be a signature agricultural industry for the state into the future.
" California's winegrape growers are proud to be an integral
part of California's farmer and farmworker community,
dedicated to producing and harvesting quality goods through
sound environmental practices and social responsibility, "
CAWG President John Aguirre said.
California's winegrowers have a long history of embracing
sustainable winegrowing practices through various programs
such as the California Sustainable Winegrowing Program,
Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing (CCSW) and
other regional educational and certification programs, with
more than 2,200 vineyards in California that are CCSW.
As the nation's top wine producer, California makes up more
than 80% of U.S. wine production and is the fourth-largest wine
producer in the world. California is home to 620,000 acres of
winegrapes, grown by more than 5,900 winegrape growers,
with winegrapes grown in 49 of the state's 58 counties.
Celebrate California Farmer and Farmworker Month and
support California's agricultural community by enjoying
California-grown and produced wine, which pairs well with
other California-grown crops. To learn about recipe ideas and
California wine pairings, visit Discover California Wines.
California Farmer and Farmworker Month webpage
California Senate resolution
Thank you farmers and farmworkers!
State of the Wine
Industry Survey
Silicon Valley Bank has shared early
results from its wine industry survey,
which has been open since the end of
September. SVB needs 1,000 responses
to provide a thorough analysis, and 200
have been received as of Oct. 4.
The survey - which should take about
15 minutes to complete - is conducted
to provide industry metrics, status
updates and trends in the wine industry.
All respondents who fully complete
and submit the survey online will
receive gratis survey results to include
anonymized detailed responses,
summary analysis and more than 50
charts which can be used by wineries to
benchmark their own performance. The
survey will be open until Oct. 15.
Take survey
8 OCTOBER 2021

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