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Labor Union Power in Sacramento
by Michael Miiller
When Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 2183 (Stone,
D-Santa Cruz) into law to create a card check option for
labor unions to use in eliminating the secret ballot, he
signaled that labor unions are in control in Sacramento.
That same week Newsom also signed a stack of labor
union-sponsored bills into law. A few days later, former
Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez, who is now executive
secretary-treasurer of the California Labor Federation AFLCIO,
tweeted, " Every loose end I had in the legislature
when I left (unsigned, or unpassed bill) is now law. Except
legislative staff unionization. Let's go b**ches. "
Unions are Unapologetic
In looking at the influence of the labor movement, it is
important to pay attention to their words.
The philosophy of labor unions is essentially that any
person or organization that isn't actively pro-union is
fundamentally anti-worker. Their effort is singularly
focused on growing union membership. This is made
clear by Gonzalez who said,
I don't want to hear politics without organizing.
I don't want to hear about legislation without organizing.
I don't want to hear about your 4th of July picnic without
organizing. I don't want to hear anything unless it's about
workers who want to be union.
Recently, Gonzalez engaged in the East Bay Assembly
race to replace outgoing Assemblymember Bill
Quirk. Liz Ortega is a Latina Democrat and Statewide
Political Director for AFSCME Local 3299. She is facing
Shawn Kumagai who is also a Democrat and is a thirdgeneration
military veteran, son of a first generation
Japanese immigrant and Dublin's first openly gay City
Gonzalez went after Kumagai with this tweet,
" I'm still completely outraged that
@ShawnKumagai supporters (realtors & developers)
mailed a hit piece out against @LizForAssembly that
included her home address on it! This type of
intimidation targeted at an unapologetic Latina
doesn't belong in politics. Why so much silence? "
Gonzalez was so outraged that she later tweeted, " For
the a**hole IE sending mail against our candidate with her
home address on it: I am personally going to put up all
your names and home addresses. Same for any legislator
supporting her opponent who doesn't denounce this
sh*t! " She later deleted that tweet.
It's very easy to see that labor unions are taking a
strong arm approach in Sacramento. And this year, the
legislature and Governor Newsom handsomely rewarded
these bullish tactics.
Standing up to Bullies
Various industry organizations are pushing back on
overreaching legislation sponsored by labor unions and
several of their bills are defeated annually. However,
with the newly installed union leadership and effective
intimidation tactics used by labor unions, it is very likely
that those unions are going to have a higher batting
average in the legislature if lawmakers continue to bow to
union demands.
Over the last decade, as labor union power has grown, it
has become clear that the most effective way to stand up
to unions in Sacramento is to elect moderate Democrats.
This year, there are several races where moderate and
progressive Democrats are facing off. In a few of these
races, the progressive Democrat is a union organizer. It is
critical that there is some balance in the legislature where
a sufficient number of Democrats are not progressives.
With that goal in mind, David Crane is a strong political
advocate and activist who supports moderate candidates.
Crane, a Democrat, had a very successful career in finance
before becoming an advisor to Governor Schwarzenegger.
His early interest in public policy and politics were
in supporting charter schools and the need for public
pension reform. In 2011 Crane formed Govern For
California which is " a network of political
philanthropists whose mission is to empower
California State Legislators to govern for the
benefit of citizens instead of special
interests. "
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