The Crush October - 1

Volume 49 | Issue 10 | October 2023
Article by Ted Rieger
The introduction of the invasive vine mealybug into
California in 1994 that vectors leafroll virus, and the
identification of grapevine red blotch virus (GRBV) in
2012 as a new grapevine pathogen have reinforced the
need for improved quality control practices to propagate
and maintain clean grapevine materials throughout
the nursery supply chain. In addition, more advanced
pathogen testing technologies and more frequent
testing of grapevine materials are being utilized at all
levels to produce and maintain healthy grapevines.
FPS Builds Greenhouse For Clean Vines
Foundation Plant Services (FPS) at UC Davis (UCD) is
the headquarters for the National Clean Plant Network
(NCPN)-Grapes program and has the largest grape
collection in the Network. FPS also serves
as the original source of clean Foundation
vine materials for grapevine nurseries
participating in the California Department
of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Grapevine
Registration & Certification Program (R&C
FPS began developing the Russell
Ranch Foundation Vineyard near UCD
in 2011 to meet the NCPN " Protocol
2010 " standards for clean plant material
that tests for 38 grapevine pathogens
and exceeds California's R&C Program
requirements. More information on
Protocol 2010 and the list of pathogens
tested. Unexpectedly, a GRBV outbreak
was discovered at Russell Ranch
in 2017, and the GRBV vector, the
three-cornered alfalfa hopper (TCAH)
was also found. Annual
testing and inspection
revealed more vines
testing positive for GRBV in subsequent years. FPS
has since pursued a new strategy to begin housing
Foundation vine selections in greenhouses to protect
them from insect-vectored pathogens. FPS has been
renting three 1,100 square-foot greenhouses at UCD
from the College of Agricultural and Environmental
Sciences to temporarily house the most valuable clonal
selections as newly propagated virus-tested mother
Moving forward, FPS broke ground May 31 on a new
14,400 square-foot greenhouse at UCD that will house
about 2,000 vines representing 700 priority grapevine
selections when fully operational. FPS Director Maher
Al Rwahnih expects to begin housing grapevines in the
New grapevine greenhouse under construction at FPS.
Photo courtesy of UCD FPS.

The Crush October

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