The Crush September 2022 - 3

Federal Legislative Update
Continuing Resolution/September Outlook
After a long August recess, Congress has returned to Washington and faces an immediate issue of averting a
government shutdown. The fiscal year will end on Sept. 30, leaving congressional leaders with three weeks
to reach an agreement on a continuing resolution (CR). Once enacted, the stop-gap measure is expected to
extend government funding until December 16.
The White House has requested a host of funding anomalies and authorization extensions to be included in
the legislation, arguing they are critical to government operations until full year appropriations are enacted.
In addition, the White House has asked Congress to provide $47 billion in supplemental appropriations to
address four major needs:
* $22 billion for Covid relief
* $13.7 billion for Ukraine
* $4.5 billion to address Monkeypox
* $6.5 billion for recent natural disasters
However, the Administration's funding request faces challenges from both sides of the aisle. Republicans
will push for the cleanest funding bill possible, with several Members skeptical major funding initiatives are
needed at this time. Proposed aid for Ukraine, typically an issue that garners wide bi-partisan support, is also
under scrutiny given the lack of detail associated with the spending proposal.
Other additional items outside the Administration's request are also under consideration. Senator Joe
Manchin (D-WV) is pushing to include legislation regarding energy permitting reforms, which Democratic
leadership agreed to in exchange for his support for the Inflation Reduction Act. This too faces challenges as
progressives threaten to vote against the CR, arguing this would be a giveaway to the fossil fuel industry.
According to Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC) Vice Chair Richard Shelby (R-AL) negotiations on the
CR are going " slow " and negotiations on a final FY23 omnibus deal have yet to begin. The Appropriations
Committees will likely need at least another week to negotiate the details of the bill, with the House expected
to take up the measure the week of September 19.
Agriculture Appropriations bill
Agriculture explanatory statement
Agriculture Appropriations bill summary
Agriculture Appropriations bill
Agriculture Appropriations bill summary
Agriculture Appropriations report
Community Project Funding requests
Adopted Amendments
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The Crush September 2022

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