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End of Legislative Session Report Continued....
occupation. CAWG is calling for a veto.
SB 846 (Dodd, D-Napa) Diablo Canyon Power Plant (extension of operations)
This bill would keep Diablo Canyon open for five more years. CAWG supported this bill as the power plant
provides up to 10% of California's electricity and presents the opportunity for 50,000 acre feet of water annually
for the central coast through a co-located desalination plant.
SB 846 came into print only three days before the legislature adjourned, was the last measure approved by the
legislature on the last night of the session and was signed into law on September 2.
Heat Reminders for Your Workforce and Crop
Workforce Reminders
Resources and Reminders from Cal/OSHA's Heat Illness Prevention Network
Cal/OSHA reminds all employers with outdoor workers to be prepared and take the necessary precautions to prevent
heat illness, as high temperatures continue throughout the state this week. Employers in California must take steps to
protect outdoor workers from heat illness by providing water, rest, shade and training.
Employers can get free assistance on developing and maintaining heat illness prevention programs from Cal/OSHA
Consultation Services. Visit Cal/OSHA's website, call 1-800-963-9424 or email
Workers and employers can ask questions about workplace safety and health by calling Cal/OSHA's Call Center staffed
during business hours in English and Spanish at 833-579-0927.
Cal/OSHA's heat illness prevention standard applies to all outdoor worksites. To prevent heat illness, the law requires
employers to provide outdoor workers fresh water, access to shade at 80 degrees and whenever requested by a
worker, cool-down rest breaks in addition to regular breaks and maintain a written prevention plan with training on the
signs of heat illness and what to do in case of an emergency.
Cal/OSHA helps protect workers from health and safety hazards on the job in almost every workplace in California.
Employers who have questions or want assistance with workplace health and safety programs can call Cal/OSHA's
Consultation Services Branch at 800-963-9424.
RESOURCES: Heat Illness Prevention web page |
Crop Reminders
If you have concerns regarding your crops tonnage coming in lighter due to excessive heat, frost, or any other reason,
we recommend contacting your crop insurance agent as soon as possible to discuss.
Per Kristine Fox, Pan American Insurance Services, CAWG's preferred provider: " You should report notice of damage
or a lighter crop as soon as possible, but no later than 60 days after the last pick, by variety type. If you are reporting
after 60 days, your claim will be denied. If there are any smoke exposure concerns, make sure samples from each block
are taken for testing prior to harvest. As a reminder, there are no penalties to file a crop insurance claim, regardless of
the outcome. " | Page 5

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