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Discover more about our area attractions, restaurants, shops, and recreation.
Agriculture Adventures
Aikman Wildlife Adventure
125 N. County Road 425 E., Arcola | 217-268-3500
Aikman Wildlife Adventure is the only drive-thru safari
in Illinois where you can get up close and personal with
animals you've only seen behind fencing at a zoo or on
television. You'll have the opportunity to see and take
pictures of animals right out of your vehicle while you
drive the 1-mile long path through the park.
Alto Vineyards
4210 N. Duncan Rd., Champaign
217-356-4784 | altovineyards.net
Taste some of the finest wines produced
in the United States. Whether you
need a bottle of wine, that special
gift or just want to unwind with a
glass of the finest, come enjoy Alto
Vineyards. Along with award winning
wines, you will find a selection of
unique gift items, gourmet foods, a
large selection of cheeses and local
artwork. Enjoy their Music Among the
Vines all summer long. The Renzaglia
family takes great pride in growing high
quality grapes and producing award-winning
wines. Open year round.
Hardy's Reindeer Ranch
1356 County Road 2900 N., Rantoul
217-893-3407 | reindeerranch.com
Hardy's Reindeer Ranch offers a unique attraction for
young and old alike. Pick a pumpkin in the pines, browse
through the quaint gift shop, try your luck at figuring out
the mysteries of the 10-acre Cornfusion maze and most
importantly, kiss a real Alaskan reindeer! From November
through December, the reindeer ranch is transformed
into a Christmas wonderland. The store is reminiscent
of days gone by with a pot-bellied stove, twinkling lights,
and wonderful smells. The western style banquet facility
is available for a " Wild West " BBQ or outdoor weenie
roast. Group entertainment packages are available. Open
August-December; call for seasonal hours.
Okaw Valley Orchard
724 County Road 1750 N., Sullivan
217-728-8269 | okawvalleyorchard.net
Come visit this working apple orchard
offering apples, peaches, cider, apple
donuts made daily, gift items and a lot
more. Open mid-July to late October.
Alto Vineyards
Buxton's Garden Farm
1489 County Road 725 E., Sullivan | 217-728-7993
Starting out as a small roadside stand, selling sweetcorn
out of the back of a pick-up truck, we have grown into
a year-round garden center. Buxton's Garden Farm &
Flower shop has grown in our services and products to
who we are today.
Curtis Orchard & Pumpkin Patch
3902 S. Duncan Rd., Champaign | 217-359-5565
Escape to the country at Curtis Orchard. This farm
features apples, pumpkins, a large country store and
The Flying Monkey Cafe. Shop for specialty food and gift
items and take home fresh apple cider and honey voted
" best tasting in the world. " Try their famous donuts and
pies, along with great meals in September and October.
Entertainment options include apple and pumpkin
picking, a giant slide, giant jump pad, corn maze, air
cannons, petting zoo, pony rides and more. Pick-your-own
apples and pumpkins. Open: July 20-December 23. See
website for hours and activity availability.
The Great Pumpkin Patch
1749 County Road 1900 N., Arthur | 217-543-2394
The Great Pumpkin Patch proudly invites guests to see
over 300 varieties of pumpkins, squash and gourds from
over 30 countries; all grown here on our family farm. The
staff at the Great Pumpkin Patch loves what they do and
take great interest in providing beautiful surroundings
in which to educate guests about the Cucurbit family.
Numerous premier displays, over 5,000 hardy mums,
various mazes and gardens grace the grounds. There are
several places to eat and drink and entertainment on the
weekends. Open September-October.
Green Meadow Farms
48 County Road 200 N., Arthur | 217-543-4192
Green Meadow Farms is a local family-owned and
operated Grade A goat dairy. The farm store is open
Monday through Saturday, where you can purchase goat
milk, cheese and yogurt. Green Meadow Farms also
offers buggy or covered wagon rides Wednesday through
Saturday. Farm tours and home cooked meals in an
Amish home require a reservation. Group tours welcome.
606 W. Windsor Rd., Urbana |
The University of Illinois Pollinatarium
is the first free-standing service science
center in the nation devoted to flowering
plants and their pollinators. Its location in the
midst of the Arboretum brings together flowers and
pollinators physically and conceptually. Changing
exhibits relate to world events and ongoing research
on pollinators. Guests can explore beekeeping
equipment, see live demonstrations, and play interactive
games. Because so much depends on pollination, the
Pollinatarium is dedicated to increasing awareness and
appreciation of pollination as a remarkable ecological
partnership and an essential ecosystem service.
Prairie Farm
2202 W. Kirby Ave., Champaign
217-398-2583 | champaignparkdistrict.com
Prairie Farm features traditional farm
animals such as sheep, pigs, horses,
cows, goats, chickens, ducks, and
geese. Visitors are welcome to pet
the farm's animals in the petting
area. Kids both young and old will
enjoy crossing the footbridge that
spans the farm's miniature duck
pond. Prairie Farm also offers
educational programs and private
party services.
Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery, LLC
4410 N. Lincoln Ave., Champaign | 217643-2314
Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery is Illinois' first
farmstead cheese making facility, founded in 2005. Visit
this nearby farm and learn about their " Animal Welfare
Approved " Goat Dairy and their farmstead & artisan
cheeses. Sample their delicious, award-winning varieties
of goat cheese and their amazing goat milk gelato. The
farm offers u-pick peaches and apples in season (late
July through September). The farm will be open during
the week and weekends for drop-in visitors to see the
goats, walk the grounds and purchase farm products
from their farm store, " The Real Stand. " Prairie Fruits
Farm & Creamery also offers additional food events in
season with its Dinners on the Farm series. This is a
working farm, and events and activities change with the
seasons, so check their website for hours and activities
before venturing out to the farm.
Sundrop Alpaca Farm
656 E. 1000 North Rd., Bement | sundropalpacas.com
Sundrop Alpaca Farm started in 2014 with the intent of
enjoying the alpaca business while teaching responsibility
to their children. The farm is open select weekends or by
appointment and information is updated on their website
and Facebook pages. Visit to learn about alpacas and
their delightful and distinct personalities. Purchase their
handspun Alpaca yarn and alpaca hats, along with other
Alpaca locally made products through their website or at
their on-farm store. Don't miss their Alpaca Farm Days
the last weekend in September to meet these personable
Arts & Culture
Champaign County History Museum
102 E. University Ave., Champaign | 217-356-1010
Located in the Historic Cattle Bank, Champaign County's
oldest commercial building, the Champaign County
History Museum, features three newly renovated exhibit
galleries that tell the story of the people and the places
that make Champaign County unique. These exhibits
rotate yearly and are easy to cover in less than an hour.
The gift shop is open during museum hours and contains
great gift ideas for the local history fan!
Champaign Urbana Community Fab Lab
Art Annex 2, 1301 South Goodwin Ave., Urbana
The Champaign Urbana Community Fab Lab is an open
source community of people who like to design and make
things. Their principal focus is to provide a safe and fun
learning environment, so that people of all ages and skill
levels can build virtually anything imaginable and master
modern design and fabrication technology. The Fab Lab
features work space for teachers, students, technical
hobbyists, artisans and others, and a variety of tools
including computers, 3D printers, electronic cutters, laser
engravers, digital embroidery machines, and small board
Douglas County Museum
700 S. Main St., Tuscola | 217-253-2535
The Douglas County Museum is a local history
museum located in the county seat of Tuscola.
The museum offers visitors year-round
exhibits, programs, events, and tours for
various ages and interests and cares
for a collection of over 10,000 items
of historical significance to Douglas
County. Visitors may also use the
museum's research library containing
genealogical resources, obituaries,
cemetery books, census records,
atlases, plat books, and more.
Sundrop Alpaca
Japan House
2000 S. Lincoln Ave., Urbana | 217-244-9934
Celebrating 20 years within the Arboretum at the
University of Illinois, the mission of Japan House is to
bring about cultural understanding, to offer exposure
to new perspectives, and to embrace tranquility in an
immersive and experiential environment. Through
the study of Japanese aesthetics and traditional arts,
particularly Chado, the Way of Tea, Japan House provides
an essential opportunity for University students and the
broader community to gain a deeper sensitivity towards
diverse cultures.
Krannert Art Museum
500 E. Peabody Dr., Champaign | 217-333-1861
Krannert Art Museum (KAM) connects people and art
at the University of Illinois. KAM's rich collection of art
from across the globe, from the fourth millennium BCE
to the present day, is available in the galleries and online,
making the museum a premier cultural destination. KAM
visitchampaigncounty.org :: #outsideofordinary
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