Experience Guide 2021 - 58

events include public talks with artists and curators,
free concerts, and family art activities. Experience the
galleries, relax in the café, or discover the outdoor
gardens. Admission is always free and group tours are
available year-round.
Krannert Center for the
Performing Arts
500 S. Goodwin Ave., Urbana
217-244-7469 | krannertcenter.com
Krannert Center is a vibrant and welcoming
crossroads for the performing arts on the
campus of the University of Illinois. As a
premier professional and educational
complex, the Center hosts over 300
performances annually that include
artists like the Chicago Symphony
Orchestra, Buddy Guy, Yo-Yo Ma,
Mark Morris Dance Group, Savion
Glover, and the biennial ELLNORA
| The Guitar Festival, alongside
works by the dance, theatre, and
music programs at the university
and the Champaign-Urbana
Symphony and Sinfonia de Camera.
The Little Theatre on the Square
16 E. Harrison St., Sullivan
217-728-7375 | thelittletheatre.org
Since 1957, The Little Theatre On The Square in Sullivan,
IL has been entertaining audiences and bringing
Broadway to the cornfields of Central Illinois.
Sousa Archives and Center for American Music
240 Harding Band Building, 1103 S. Sixth St., Champaign
217-333-4577 | sousaarchives.org
The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music
holds diverse collections of music and historical
instruments documenting America's cultural heritage.
The Center is home to the world's largest collection of
original compositions by John Philip Sousa, one of many
significant music instrument and manuscript collections
portraying America's band movement, ChampaignUrbana's
popular music scene, and the early
evolution of electronic and avant-garde
music. The Sousa Archives offers tours of
its collections to all visitors.
Spurlock Museum
600 S. Gregory St., Urbana | 217-3332360
| spurlock.illinois.edu
Spurlock Museum represents
historic and contemporary
people from around the world.
Our permanent and temporary
Krannert Center
exhibits serve as a springboard for
unique programs, tours, and special
events. Through our collections and
educational programs, we help interpret
the diversity of cultures. Drop in for a visit,
arrange a tour, or research our collections.
Monticello Railway Museum
992 Iron Horse Pl., Monticello | 217-762-9011| mrym.org
The Monticello Railway Museum is an all-volunteer
organization in central Illinois with an operational railroad
main line yard open to the public. They offer train rides
on Saturdays and Sundays from May through September,
regardless of weather conditions, as well as a number
of special events throughout the year. They also collect,
preserve, interpret, and exhibit materials and artifacts
from throughout the fascinating history of trains and
railroading. Come explore our many rail cars and other
equipment, and view our museum displays.
Museum of the Grand Prairie
950 N. Lombard, Mahomet | 217-586-2612
The Museum of the Grand Prairie has an extensive
collection interpreting the 19th and early 20th century
life in east-central Illinois. Two floors of exhibits present
architecture, trades and occupations, decorative arts, and
childhood and domestic life of the time. Frieda Mumm's
Discovering Home is a major upgrade of the museum's
popular Discovery Room gallery. Visitors will venture into
the home lives of settlers and native peoples in Illinois
through interactive play and interpretation. This new
exhibit retains many of the old favorites, like the hearth,
water buckets, and telegraph key, while adding many new
areas to explore, like animal furs, a dugout canoe, and
a post office. The " Champaign County's Lincoln " exhibit
allows you to travel in a buggy with Lincoln,
see a daguerreotype camera up-close and
hear Lincoln's friends and neighbors
talk about the early history of the
community. Lincoln spent 20 years
getting to know the people and
places of Champaign County.
National Center for
Supercomputing Applications
1725 S. Oak St., Champaign
NCSA's National Petascale
Computing Facility is a stateof-the-art
88,000 square foot
facility housing supercomputers
used by scientific researchers and
Fortune 50 Industries. NCSA's Blue Waters
supercomputer is one of the largest in the world-it
would take a human millions of years to do what Blue
Waters completes in a single second! Scientists in Illinois
and from around the world use this supercomputer to
learn about Alzheimer's disease, tornadoes, earthquakes,
colliding galaxies, and more.
A Walk Through Time Museum
110 E. Main St., Arcola | 217-268-4530
Housed in the former Raggedy Ann & Andy museum
space, the new museum continues to honor the history
of the beloved dolls and the story of their creator, Johnny
Gruelle, and will offer additional information about rich
history of the Arcola, Illinois community.
40 Point One Art Space
1300 S. Neil St., Champaign
217-351-9841 | 40north.org
Art @ the Y
1001 S. Wright St., Champaign
217-337-1500 | universityymca.
Art Coop
150 Lincoln Square, Urbana |
Artists' Alley at McKinley
405 E. John St., Champaign
Cinema Gallery
120 W. Main St., Urbana | 217-367-3711
Cracked Glass
602 E. High St., Urbana | 217-359-6489
Framer's Market
807 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign
217-351-2020 | framersmarket.net
Giertz Gallery at Parkland College
2400 W. Bradley Ave., Champaign
217-351-2485 | parkland.edu/gallery
Gilbert Gallery
102 W. Main St., Urbana
217-367-2400 | thegilbertgallery.net
High Cross Art Studio
1101 N. High Cross Rd., Urbana
Sousa Archives
Illini Union Art Gallery
1401 W. Green St., Urbana
217-378-8565 | union.illinois.edu
International Galleries
300 S. Broadway Ave., Urbana
217-328-2254 internationalgalleriesurbana.com
The Gilbert
Larry Kanfer Photography Gallery
2503 S. Neil St., Champaign
217-398-2000 | kanfer.com
Prairie Fire Glass
217 W. Washington St., Monticello
217-762-3332 | prairiefireglass.com
Springer Cultural Center
301 N. Randolph St., Champaign
217-398-2376 | champaignparks.com
Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center
202 S. Broadway Ave., Urbana
217-344-8820 | ucimc.org
Urbana Museum of Photography
113 B N. Race St., Urbana | 217-649-5605
The Vault Art Gallery
100 N. Main St., Tuscola | 217-599-1215
Outdoor Adventures
Allerton Park & Retreat Center
515 Old Timber Rd., Monticello | 217-333-3287
Built as a private residence by artist and philanthropist
Robert Allerton in 1900, Allerton offers a unique
opportunity to experience art, nature, and history away
from the distractions of everyday life. Explore 14 miles
of hiking trails, wander through formal gardens, marvel
at the century-old Mansion, and find peace in the quiet,
expansive grounds. Allerton has become a destination for
meetings, conferences, weddings, retreats, and special
events. Organized programs open to the community
and visitors include outdoor concerts, summer camps,
themed dinners and educational events, nature hikes, and
public tours. Overnight accommodations are available.
The Visitor Center, adjacent to the Greenhouse
Café serving snacks and refreshments, is
open daily, 9am-5pm, and is an unstaffed,
self-guided resource with maps,
displays, and restrooms.
Anita Purves Nature Center
1505 N. Broadway, Urbana
217-384-4062 | urbanaparks.org
Learn about Illinois natural history
through hands-on exhibits and
resident education animals. An
observation room allows you to see
wildlife at the feeding station and hear
them through a parabolic sound system.
Located at the north end of Crystal Lake
Park, the nature center is the gateway to Busey
Woods-a 59-acre old growth Oak-Hickory Forest that
is remnant of pre-settlement forest in East Central
Illinois. Wildlife and nature programs, rentable spaces, a
nature gift shop and educator resources all make this a
worthwhile stop.
Champaign County Forest Preserve District
217-586-3360 | ccfpd.org
The CCFPD is a true hidden gem for nature lovers and
recreation enthusiasts alike. A trip to Champaign County
is not complete without a day spent exploring our
outstanding forest preserves.
Homer Lake Forest Preserve
2573 S. Homer Lake Rd., Homer
Homer Lake Forest Preserve contains 892 acres for
fishing, boating, hiking, picnicking, cross-country skiing
and sledding. Also available is an exciting Homer Lake
Interpretive Center, which hosts thousands every year
through programs and the unique Natural Playscape.
Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve
109 S. Lake of the Woods Rd., Mahomet
Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve is a 900-acre preserve
that features an 18-hole regulation golf course, a 9-hole
par 3 course, FootGolf and practice range, fishing, boating,
hiking, picnicking, cross-country skiing, sledding, boat
rentals on weekends from Memorial Day through Labor
Day, the Hi-Tower bell carillon and observation area, a 3.3
mile bicycle/pedestrian path, the Museum of the Grand
Prairie, Mabery Gelvin Botanical Garden, building rentals,
and various programs.
58 Official Champaign County Area Experience Guide
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