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Minimizing the Impact of Future
Disasters with Supply Chain Visibility
As natural disasters occur more regularly due
to climate change, supply chains must rely on
visibility to mitigate disruptions
Mahesh Veerina
President and CEO
Overall, Hurricane Laura caused more than $14.1 billion in damage
and 77 deaths. Carriers and ports paused operations, Union Pacific
curtailed operations across parts of their network, trucking and
van rates jumped in anticipation of the storm, while mandatory
evacuations restricted UPS, FedEx and the postal service across
Louisiana and Texas.
With 25 named storms, 2020 is currently the second most active
Atlantic hurricane season on record, causing considerable damage
to the nation's supply chains. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic
has increased supply chains' vulnerability to disruptions related to
hurricanes, according to the 2020 Tropical Strom Season Outlook
from Resilience260 and Riskpulse. Industries with cold chains, such as
pharmaceutical and food and beverage firms, have been strained by
COVID-19 and now have to contend with preparing for and reacting
to the rest of the hurricane season. COVID-19 has strained the
resilience of companies with cold chains, and now these companies
are faced with dealing with an unpredictable storm season. Because
of this, supply chain managers will need to proactively plan for delays
in both production and transportation logistics.
Meanwhile, the west coast is facing a multitude of crises such as
wildfires, heat waves and blackouts, on top of a lingering pandemic.
So far, 8,500 fires have burned 4,267,386 acres in California, making
2020 the largest wildfire season recorded in California's history.
Due to the severity of this year's fire season, logistics management
companies have had to overcome several hurdles, including
dangerous conditions for drivers, halted routes, schedule delays and
product losses.
Clearly, COVID-19 has exposed blind spots in supply chains that
hurricanes, floods, fires and other natural disasters will only intensify.
Given the need for high-demand products like personal protective
equipment (PPE) and medications, the pressure to operate as
efficiently as possible has never been greater.
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Vaccines are More Vulnerable During
Natural Disasters
Vaccines are particularly vulnerable, as they can lose potency or even
be destroyed every time they're exposed to temperatures above or
below the recommended temperature range. Because of this, pharma
companies need specific information about the condition, timing
and location of products, raw materials and product subcomponents
based on real-time data to ensure product safety and efficacy.
What's puzzling is that even though 21% of supply chain professionals
named this type of visibility as their biggest challenge, only 63%
of organizations have yet to deploy technology to monitor supply
chain performance. As businesses are exploring new methods
and technologies to safeguard their supply chain operations, they
must account for real-time visibility, not only into attributes like
temperature and location, but also into areas such as weather and
traffic conditions to prepare for the aftermath of these tragedies.
As natural disasters such as tropical storms, fires, earthquakes and
other disasters continue to devastate weakened and vulnerable
global supply chains, here are seven ways to mitigate cold chain
disruptions and be better prepared for the next natural disaster
looming on the horizon.

Map and visualize key assets in the supply chain, and
flag those that are most likely to experience disruption.
A storm-related delay could create serious issues, especially for pharmaceutical manufacturers. There are key parts
of the country that are always prone to hurricane damage,
such as Florida, Texas and other metropolitan areas on the
East Coast such as New Orleans, New York City and Virginia
Beach. Organizations need to identify which supply chain
links such as ports, warehouses, interstates and railroads in

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