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these areas are vulnerable to natural disasters such as high
winds and flooding. By leveraging supply chain visibility
software, companies can monitor potential disruptions
and communicate any transportation constraints, routing
issues, power outages or other issues to all cold chain
nodes. So, by analyzing the real-time data, they can understand the impact such disasters can have on products and
shipments and adjust accordingly to minimize risk.
Develop a crisis management playbook. A supply chain
crisis management playbook will help companies assess
challenges and follow protocols that they've developed
ahead of time. Many cold chain organizations today are
also driving their suppliers to have similar protocols in
place. While there's no perfect playbook for weathering
a disaster, having a resilient supply chain that can handle
unforeseen disruptions can make all the difference.
Assemble a supply chain crisis management team. A
crisis management team should have well-developed contingency plans for both natural and man-made disasters.
A few times every year, this team should create a few geopolitical, environmental, or natural disaster scenarios and
perform drills based on those disruptions, using their crisis
management playbook as a guide for how to respond.
Enable end-to-end visibility into the supply chain.
Ensuring that cold chain products retain their integrity
and safety is a challenge that requires increased visibility
into an organization's entire supply chain. With visibility
software, companies can obtain location and condition
data all from one source in real time. Modern technologies
such as IoT, advanced analytics, AI and machine learning
are used to create a digital twin of the company's supply
chain, processing millions of events every second to provide diagnostic and predictive insights, including real-time
location, condition, utilization and anomaly detection. |





Monitor inventory levels closely and plan for additional
inventory in diverse locations. Because of COVID-19 disruptions, many companies around the world are reporting
supply chain disruptions in some capacity due to coronavirus-related transportation restrictions. If an organization has
suppliers who could be disrupted due to a natural disaster
or an increase in lockdowns due to a surge in COVID-19, it
should consider additional inventory in diverse locations.
Build a supply chain crisis dashboard. Leverage
supply chain visibility software to develop a real-time
supply chain crisis dashboard that displays alerts,
notifications, metrics, trends, analytics and KPIs. This
dashboard should include critical information such as
storm trajectories, power outages and port, railroad
and airport closures so that organizations can quickly
identify which cold chain nodes, products and customers are affected during a disaster.
Develop and maintain strong partnerships with
supply chain partners. Strong supplier relationships
can elevate organizations, especially during a crisis. It's
vital to maintain strong relationships with suppliers and
freight forwarders to mitigate the impact of a disasters
such as a fire or hurricane. Strong relationships that are
established before a crisis can help accelerate coordination during a disaster.

The dynamic nature of today's world means that future crises will
evolve. Given the increasing severity of disasters such as fires and
hurricanes, the ability of cold chain companies to increase their agility
and resilience in the face of the unknown should be an essential part
of cold chain risk management. By monitoring thousands of data
sources in real time, including weather feeds, airport delays, power
outages and port closures, as well as location-based insights into
temperature-sensitive products, organizations can anticipate and
minimize the damage of future natural disasters.
| October/November/December 2020


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