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advice regarding country-specific requirements. Customs fees are

ranges from -185°C to ambient temperature. In addition to our

managed proactively and paid by Yourway, regardless of the cost -

storage capabilities, Yourway global transportation network allows

shipments are never held up waiting for the client to pay fees. Overall,

us to transport products requiring strict temperature-controlled

Yourway's proactive management approach helps our clients meet

management worldwide, including providing transportation to and

their targets.

from remote locations. We are well positioned to fulfill immediate

Our team of temperature-controlled transportation specialists is

requests for clinical packaging, specialized temperature-controlled

highly experienced in supporting client needs for the storage and

storage, and distribution.

transportation of Phase 1, 2, 3, and 4 materials, production raw
materials, and finished goods, including vaccines. Throughout the
current global pandemic, Yourway has remained fully operational,
providing reliable distribution of medicines and clinical trials
materials, including COVID-19 related trials. Yourway's capabilities
and experience will be extremely valuable when it is time to distribute
the vaccines.

How will Yourway work with governments and
industry stakeholders for quick and efficient
transport of COVID vaccines?
In addition to having our capabilities, processes and network properly
validated and already in place to fulfill requests for immediate
storage and transportation of COVID-19 vaccines, understanding
local regulatory requirements and region-specific challenges is key

How is Yourway preparing for this distribution?

to successfully transport vaccines to various global locations. Overall,

We have been expanding our temperature-controlled storage

Yourway's proactive management approach helps our clients avoid

footprint by adding extra storage capacity for products requiring all

delays of all kinds during the shipment of these critical vaccines.

temperature ranges. In anticipation of increased demand for storage

Our worldwide service also includes documentation support and

of vaccines requiring -80°C, -30°C, -20°C, and 2°C to 8°C, we have

the provision of regulatory advice regarding country-specific

been creating the necessary capacity to meet clients' needs. For our

requirements. Customs fees are managed proactively and paid by

transportation services, our staff is properly trained to coordinate

Yourway - regardless of the cost - to ensure shipments are never

shipments of any size destined for anywhere in the world. We have

held up waiting for the client to pay fees.

the reputation of performing well under challenging circumstances,
including strict timelines and highly complex requirements. That is
one of the reasons why we are chosen by several organizations to
ensure their projects remain free of disruption during the pandemic
and moving forward. We are supporting several COVID-19 clinical

In addition to time- and temperature-sensitive
distribution, what other precautions do you need
to consider when transporting a vaccine?

studies and are well positioned to provide storage and distribution

In addition to disciplined temperature-controlled management,

services once vaccines are approved.

cGMP and cGDP compliant handling are paramount to ensure overall
product integrity, supply chain security will also be a must because

What are the challenges of a global vaccine
distribution and what have you put in place to
overcome these obstacles?

vaccines will be will be in very high demand, thus a likely target for

Several COVID-19 vaccines being developed, will need to be kept

networks will play a crucial role to support the distribution of vac-

theft and diversion.
Access to airfreight capacity and reliable storage and transportation

at temperatures as low as minus 80°C from the moment they

cines around the world. Complex logistical solutions, understanding

are bottled until they are administered to patients. Of the three

of regulatory requirements and how to properly comply with them,

vaccines that have advanced to Phase 3 trials, two need to be kept

stakeholder engagement, and solid experience with temperature-

in a near-constant deep freeze. As an example, Pfizer projects its

controlled methods will be key to ensure that vaccines are quickly

vaccine will need to be stored in temperatures as low as -80°C, while

and efficiently transported globally, immediately after they have

Moderna's vaccines will need to be kept at -20°C. AstraZeneca and

been approved.

Oxford University, expect that their vaccines must be kept cool, but

Yourway's cGMP- and cGDP-compliant processes, access to airfreight

not frozen. These vaccines will need to be transported to patients in
all corners of the world.

capacity and transportation networks, disciplined protocols to
efficiently manage projects requiring complex temperature-

At Yourway, managing complex storage and distribution projects with

controlled storage and transportation, combined with existing

very strict temperature management and handling requirements

procedures to enforce chain-of-custody and chain-of-identity will be

has been part of our core service offer since our foundation in

critical to help protect overall product integrity and create barriers to

1997. We provide validated storage to accommodate temperature

help prevent cargo theft and counterfeiting. |


| October/November/December 2020


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