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study scenarios, but even more critical now that in-person visits are

comprehensive paper diaries that leave room for errors. For this

fewer, and farther between. Study teams can rely on this data to get

reason, the dosing data captured by the remote technology can be

the most benefit from face-to-face interactions and can save a great

considered highly accurate.

deal of time. Visits can be brief follow-ups with high-performing

Research shows that the use of such engagement technologies can

patients while more time can be allotted to those patients who
need more help.

improve adherence rates. For example, a sleep apnea study published
in CHEST reported robust adherence rates as a result of the use of
modern patient engagement technology.3

Lesson Learned #2: Quality of Data
Medication non-adherence is a major obstacle to running successful
clinical studies. This sentiment is echoed in a recent article from the
Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, which points out that not only is
non-adherence common in clinical trials, but that it can lead to poor
data, increased costs and studies that take longer to complete.2

Applying These Lessons to New Studies in
the Post-COVID World
This necessary acceleration of technology adoption, particularly
remote engagement technology, has shown that, not only is remote
patient engagement and monitoring technology useful for trial

The traditional model requiring scheduled face-to-face clinical visits

continuity given today's pandemic conditions, but that they possess

relies heavily on patient recall or recording of dosing history, an

the unique utility to help drive clinical trials in the future, post-

approach that leaves a great deal of room for error and inconsistency.

pandemic. The odds that the industry will return entirely to trial

Thus, having a complete and accurate picture of dosing adherence

designs heavily reliant on in-person clinical visits seems low, as the

can make a significant difference for any clinical study. Technologies

benefits of using remote technologies look to outweigh whatever

can now be deployed that provide patients with alerts and reminders

comfort level sponsors may have with older approaches.

designed to prevent them from missing a dose. Some solutions go
as far as to provide simple instructions on dosing correctly that also

Benefit 1: Patient Recruitment and Retention

utilize a smart device's video capabilities to record each dose. This

In all phases of study, patient recruitment and retention can cause

provides study teams with constant confirmation of dosing through

headaches for sponsors and sites alike. Dropouts, or failures to

the technology - they no longer must count on patients to keep

recruit enough patients (especially in early phases) can cause |


| October/November/December 2020


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