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But how can relocating to Europe become a reality? The massive

stood up well in these testing times and provided peace of mind for

investments in capital and skills required to modernize old facilities

our customers. We have had to leverage alternatives sources, and

would need significant and long-term commitments - something

employ our business continuity plans, but this is much easier when

akin to the US Biomedical Advanced Research and Development

you have a solid foundation to work with. Our operations have been

Authority (BARDA) - from authorities and institutions. It would

uninterrupted throughout the pandemic.

also need to be backed by member states governments or
even the European Commission to guarantee the return on
investment. Furthermore, those relocation of API production to

We are incredibly lucky to have a flexible and agile team, that has
responded well to the changes we have made over the last few

Europe will need a higher remuneration, streamlined regulatory

months in order to continue to manufacture in a safe and compliant

and administrative duties, a review of tax rules, and further

manner. Throughout the pandemic our number one priority has

development of specialized clusters.

been the safety and wellbeing of our staff. Aside from alternating

Contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs)
in Europe, such as Recipharm, have played an important role in

shifts and changing office layouts, we have invested heavily in a
variety of areas including increased personal protective equipment

retaining pharmaceutical production by maintaining and extending

and laptops to support homeworking, where possible. As a result,

production capacity. And, as a result the impact on their operations

our absence rate has been below 1% throughout the pandemic.

has been limited. However, by establishing its own BARDA, Europe

We are already seeing companies and governments looking more

could readdress the balance to more of a public health agenda and

closely at critical medicine supply in terms of the number of

less of a cost-focused approach. The result could revive the dynamic

regions they are reliant on, and the potential risk this could present.

nature of the industry in Europe. Authorities should act now before

Continuity of supply will now sit alongside price, as a primary

it's too late.

consideration when developing supply strategies going forward.

James Rogers, Head of Manufacturing and Supply, Sterling

Technology has of course been thrown into the spotlight. For us

COVID-19 has affected every business in some way or another; what

it has accelerated a number of projects in terms of installing new

we have successfully achieved is minimizing the impact to not just

technologies, but it has also led us to explore new technology

our business and our customers, but also to our employees.

to adapt and improve our ways of working. One example of this

A robust supply chain has always been a key business focus for

is virtual auditing, which is something that we can now offer

us, and it has recently been tested in many ways. However, it has

customers, as well as virtual tours of our facilities. |


| October/November/December 2020


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