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that can be applied to, for example, all antibodies of type IgG-1 in
animal serum matrices at the pre-clinical phase. With immuno-MS,
drug developers can utilize antibodies that are specific enough to
identify a compound from the matrix at the preclinical stage, and then
later increase antibody specificity as needed. The ability to progress
preclinical testing at high throughput while such antibodies are
being developed is hugely valuable in keeping production moving
and helps to eliminate costly bottlenecks and downtime.
Developed immuno-MS2 methods have also demonstrated the
ability to monitor the structural integrity of mAbs in vivo during
quantitation, a valuable benefit that enables more comprehensive
knowledge of drug metabolism and behavior. Overall, immuno-MS
minimizes the hurdles to biotherapeutic analysis, enables significant
optimization of preclinical processes, and increases confidence
when moving from preclinical to clinical testing. This essential step
defines whether a therapeutic product - and, by extension, the drug
developer themselves - is likely to experience success or failure.

Innovative methodologies are accelerating the development and
bioanalysis of novel biotherapeutic drugs, and enabling organizations
to more accurately assess candidate antibodies at earlier stages in the
pharmaceutical pipeline.
By combining the benefits of the 'gold standard' immunoaffinity
assays traditionally used in bioanalysis and the precise detection |


capabilities of MS, immuno-MS methods enable an accurate,
sensitive, selective, and robust preclinical analysis of mAb drugs.
Techniques based on immuno-MS are becoming increasingly popular
in preclinical analysis, reflecting their ability to optimize this stage
of drug development. As a result of its increased automation and
fast, streamlined sample preparation protocols, immuno-MS can
achieve good sensitivity, speed, and robustness. Unlike techniques
based solely on immunoassays, immuno-MS can be applied to
large subclasses of antibodies in all animal serum matrices without
modification, removing the need to develop new antigen-specific
antibodies for each individual biotherapeutic candidate at an early
stage (typically done at a high cost and on long timelines).
The fast, reproducible, universal approach of automated immuno-MS
optimizes the process of developing successful and effective drug
products, protecting organizations from the delays, costs, and pitfalls
of biotherapeutic production - and helping to make these hugely
promising therapies available to the patients that need them.

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Jon Bardsley has over a decade of experience in DMPK and
regulated bioanalytical studies within large pharmaceutical
environments. His passion for the development of robust and
accurate analytical methods for high-throughput studies
has seen him also gain experience working in contract
research organizations. Jon sits on the Reid Bioanalytical committee of the
Chromatography Society and is a subject matter expert in the bioanalysis
community. Following a period as Senior Applications Specialist for
Chromatography, Jon now holds the position of Vertical Marketing Specialist
for Pharma & BioPharma within Thermo Fisher Scientific, to bring relevant
technologies together to help solve customer challenges.
| October/November/December 2020


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