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Aptar Pharma Acquires Assets of
Cohero Health
AptarGroup has acquired all operating assets and the proprietary
portfolio of Cohero Health, a digital therapeutics company focused on
respiratory disease management for asthma and chronic obstructive
pulmonary disorder (COPD).
Founded in 2013, New York-based Cohero Health develops digital
tools and technologies to improve respiratory care, reduce avoidable
costs and optimize medication utilization. With this transaction, Aptar
Pharma acquires Cohero Health's turnkey digital health platform and
device assets including:

*	 BreatheSmart® Connect digital health platform - a care
coordination and HIPAAcompliant SaaS cloud service which
captures and securely stores data from Cohero Health's devices
and BreatheSmart® software for remote monitoring and patient
communications to help manage patient therapy;

companies. Building on our robust platform and rich innovations, we
expect this combination to position us to lead the way in delivering on
our joint vision, developing digital therapeutics that provide patients
a better future and bring our customers stability and greater breadth
of digital tools, actionable data, services and solutions, " said Joe
Condurso, Chief Executive Officer, Cohero Health, who will join Aptar
Pharma. " I want to recognize and thank the Cohero Health team, and
express deep gratitude to each of them for their many contributions
over the years, which have enabled us to carry on the vision and
mission to transform respiratory care. "

Catalent to Acquire Cell Therapy
Manufacturing Facility from
Bone Therapeutics
Catalent has signed an agreement with Bone Therapeutics to acquire
its cell therapy manufacturing subsidiary, Skeletal Cell Therapy
Support SA (SCTS), including all of its assets located in Gosselies,

*	 BreatheSmart® App - designed for patient habit creating and

Belgium. The transaction is expected to close in November 2020.

behavior change, driving appropriate medication utilization.
Provides real-time tracking of medication adherence and lung
function, along with reminders, educational materials and
symptom/trigger recording;

Under the terms of the agreement, Catalent will purchase the
shares of SCTS, currently held by Bone Therapeutics, which owns
and operates a purpose-built CGxP facility of approximately 41,000

*	 HeroTracker® Sensors - Bluetooth enabled medication

square-foot (3,800 square-meter), including its related quality control

smart inhaler sensors designed for both control and
rescue medications. Attaches to respiratory medications to
automatically record time and date of doses taken; and

and product development laboratories, warehouse, grade C and B
cleanrooms and equipment as well as land for further development.
Catalent will undertake the manufacturing of clinical material for Bone

*	 mSpirometer™ and cSpirometer™lung function diagnostic

Therapeutics' drug, ALLOB, an allogeneic osteoblastic cell therapy

sensors - enables comprehensive pulmonary lung function
testing in a handheld wireless device.

product, derived from ex vivo cultured bone marrow cells.

Adding digital solutions to current treatments and therapies provides
a mechanism for patients and health care providers to better manage
disease conditions by providing seamless integration between
disease management solutions and therapies. Patients benefit by
having new tools at their disposal to stay on therapy, manage disease
state and engage in more informed conversations with their health
care providers. In addition, health care providers are able to better
monitor their patients in real-time and make more informed decisions
to improve standard of care.

The Bone Therapeutics subsidiary and its facility, which is next to
Catalent's existing cell therapy site, will allow Catalent to expand its
industry-leading cell therapy capabilities and advanced clinical and
commercial supply, and create an integrated European center of
excellence in cell therapy. Catalent is continuing work on its dedicated
60,000 square-foot (5,574 square-meter) commercial-scale production
and fill-finish facility in Gosselies, which is scheduled to be completed
by the end of 2021.
As part of the acquisition, all of the experienced manufacturing

" Cohero Health further strengthens and expands Aptar's digital
portfolio, in this case, with a focus in respiratory disease management, "
said Sai Shankar, Aptar Pharma's Vice President, Global Digital
Healthcare Systems. " Aptar has made previous investments in digital
respiratory company Sonmol in China and digital health company
Navia Life Care in India. With this strategic bolt on, Aptar now has
global capabilities to deploy digital respiratory health, utilizing either
the Cohero or Aptar device portfolio/platform. The investment will also
facilitate Aptar's ability to provide diagnostic solutions in respiratory
and a significant number of other disease categories. "

employees located in Gosselies and employed by SCTS will remain

" Cohero and Aptar are simply a great fit presenting a unique
opportunity to leverage the complementary strengths of both

of MaSTherCell, the additional manufacturing capacity and technical |


with SCTS and become part of the Catalent workforce, and Bone
Therapeutics will continue to focus on its pipeline of unique,
innovative products addressing high unmet medical needs in the
fields of orthopedics and bone diseases.
" Catalent is committed to supporting the development and
manufacture of next-generation therapies and bringing lifechanging treatments to patients in need, " said Manja Boerman, Ph.D.,
President, Catalent Cell & Gene Therapy. " Following the acquisition
expertise that this deal with Bone Therapeutics gives us will

| October/November/December 2020


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