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contributors A host of talent helps make Beauty Etc. possible. Click on the headshots to learn about this issue’s contributors. BEAUTYetc. EDITORIAL Executive Editor Karie L. 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Beauty Etc. and NAI PRO Beauty Etc.’s logo are registered trademarks of creative age communications inc. JASON KiRA BuCCA DAViD MARCO FERNY MADERiCh BERARDiNi ARAuJO ChuNG Raw sexuality and into Angeles- I Sometimes LosmyYork- allmet Sunsets are New to makeup. high energy were fernyamazing aartistry team makeup the beauty in artist based makeup about lighting: based York-based ChuNG on New makeup in New York, traditional artist of light, who loss other talent. artist Jason and Marcosense photographer Ilight diffusion, trained aim Berardiniwith jack Araujo met soof Iisn’t the is a a have revels Kira Bucca’s in short trades— the fantastic of all makeup artist. light reflection. Naturally, a shoot I teamwork, dark manytime, when mind for herand quickly realized I wanted istheir case Such not only does he paint the many of inspired by sunsets in alltohelp jason branch with the the people, faces and steamy “Slippery Subject” of off A-list celebritiesARAuJOartist withassistant, Stephaniekeenshares. of on my York-based makeup the and he eye iterationsown friends,”Perez, his New whichand pursue a career.” whom I demanded a beautify shoot, incall mywet makeup played Andlighting, did. Berardini smoothly also David Maderich’s “Ashoots and models on editorialNew York for moved two that he which for pretty” Araujo’s “passion Shore Thing.” against sexystealthily and stockings. Bucca expanded his career his he also “I wasn’t thecampaigns, for our cover advertisingacross looks product photographer Ferny trying to make through necessarily into energy has come three in Chung sought to “keep that rawwork development by artist Drenched.” the models beautiful; Ion Bravothem works “Sunset Drenched,” own hairstylist, delivered for “Sunset wanted story, as a masterdavidhis as key makeup creating and high throughout the shoot, despite skincare andclock-watchingfor men, to lookhe andThe Fashion Show, he of from groomer nixed theMADERiCh First, interesting,”idealineshooting some major grooming shares. He Television’s photographer. His our model was definitely up to the EvolutionMan. “My theL. Frost. After chose hisbebehindlighting makeup experiencenaturalinmale celebrity outside in seen hislens favor executivebeach bunnies’ ingave and Since we were working with task. can editor Karie workwith clients wereBethenny Frankel, short huesan advantageand complement— him to “contrast with be me for the of creating always asking learning thethe mood usingaartificial celebrities and there creating of wet makeup day wouldwascut Kara lot male-driventranslated the model’s cosmetics, and as well asconflict our storyidea into a vibrant a “Iadd drama—with my lighting. due to looks for withartist Binky DioGuardi [makeup the “Brighter movement, and Martha Plimpton, own confusion when TO panic. “I the variousAraujo didn’tRETURNsunset Daze,” which were photographed back-lit, summertime sky-blue beach schedule, propschallenge was for among biggest andshopping just Brown’s]others. CLICK men’s grooming products that the backdrop,” which,withhelping me, it should in natural lighting marcowere concept, and abstracted be had a great assistant a hazy trying to keep everything together. BERARDiNi two biggest things ofis photographer noted, is a using pink time,”to says. backdrop. '70s lot thatkeygreen me furthersaved a by “Lighting and he which tricky but poster inspired with It was a lot of fun,” she to create a men’s line,”the beauty Johnsoft backbought says Chung. it enhancing hair start in he shares. or makeup. think the Rusnak light,” online Ifrom Araujo Bucca shares. got his shoots both fashion Berardini’srest of freelancing for how Ebay. in importantcan every makeup is very Chicago the be seen in He also gathered some shows field The work for set ideas from and beauty photography, and though Vogue,Up For Ever.canonly took aphotographeraGuyLaunchpad, as few Maxim basic construct artist to haveitems Aroch’s pictures: Makesimple and areunderstanding “It obviously the visuals of both kira well as backgroundsCasewillpoint: asimple on thescene. of makeup to full-fledged see combined of lighting andfaces in celebrities one day she notes how it in BuCCA different, of workingthat she pursues suchme hooked. I loved headsand Models pokedMoore, Celine Dion affectphotography their it fromfrom their makeup selection Day with as Demi out tricks from the get the same goal for shooting each: and Sarah’70s, but Parker, yearsa name a’60sproduct,” Berardini15 tocoated cutout final and Jessica brought into says. One,” it hole in a card table work can “Make he shares. Now, beautiful." Bucca’s a sand. Genius! Maderich’s work the in few. Araujo trains got his start his The versatile artist and develops modern context. Chung started later, CLICK TO RETURN be seen in Fantasticsmag, Ink and has appeared in Vogue, Elleplies his in makeup by and was career in London as Stila artistry team andtheand some of Bamboo, among Advisory Board BEAUTYetc. others,“I company’s Rollingin NYC & Artistryalways loved always Stone, where he Executive an artist, trade Sales and in I shoots with Senior Mathias Alanand advertisements Marissa Nemes her fashion clients include Isn’t She Elke Von Freudenberg Cola and Surface for Macys, Pepsi Maria C. Scali It sketching—predominantly Victoria Condé Nast, T Magazine, faces. for the East Coast. “TheBlind Ferret. David Maderich Lovely, Sweet Baby Noreengreatest and Young Secret,natural transition others. others. was a Magazine, among and S amongjob is working next reward of my etc... 32 BEAUTYetc. SUMMER 2011 Copyright Info.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Beauty Etc. - Summer 2011

Table of Contents
Sunset Drenched
Kit Picks - Sarah Tanno
Artist Intel - She's a Natural
A Shore Thing
Makeup Bag - Kit Essentals
Makeup Bag - Bronze Away!
Backstage Beauty - Alchemist's Dream
Base Time
Brighter Daze
Hollywood Highlighter - Savage Beauty
Color Cues - Green Heat
Slippery Situation
Touch Up - Last Looks

Beauty Etc. - Summer 2011