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kit PICKS Sarah Tanno’s Kit PicKs Lady Gaga’s “Monster Ball Tour” makeup artist shares her top picks for fresh, flawless skin. NoNSTop TraveL arouNd The worLd would ravage anyone’s skin—but add to that being part of an intense stage performance where makeup, dancing, sweating and a little fake blood come into play, and you’ve got a recipe for la dermis lackluster. Makeup artist Sarah Tanno, who tends to the gaggle of Gaga dancers on the “Monster Ball Tour,” won’t let the haus of Gaga’s complexions dim; she leans on a clutch of skin prep and finish products that keep her “monsters” luminous. her theory: Spend the extra time on skin prep, and not only will makeup last longer, but you won’t have to apply as much in the long run. “I know it sounds like a lot—it might be an extra five minutes—but you don’t want to continue piling on makeup throughout the day,” she offers up. agreed. the KIT Click on the products to reveal more 8 BEAUTYetc. SUmmEr 2011 etc...

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Table of Contents
Sunset Drenched
Kit Picks - Sarah Tanno
Artist Intel - She's a Natural
A Shore Thing
Makeup Bag - Kit Essentals
Makeup Bag - Bronze Away!
Backstage Beauty - Alchemist's Dream
Base Time
Brighter Daze
Hollywood Highlighter - Savage Beauty
Color Cues - Green Heat
Slippery Situation
Touch Up - Last Looks

Beauty Etc. - Summer 2011