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face-to- FACE GO TEAM! REcEnTly, I ART-dIREcTEd a photo shoot for sister publication, nAIlPRO. As is always the case for a shoot, I pulled together a talented team based on recommendations and the quality of their portfolio work. However, when the day came, I discovered something entirely unusual about this particular grouping: They worked together seamlessly. now, this may seem like a given for any photo shoot, but I can assure you that it’s not. Even when each member is on point with his Karie L. Frost, Executive Editor or her tasks, personality conflicts can arise or, my personal pet peeve, clock-watching rears its ugly head. Though the end result is almost always magnificent, the path from point A to LISTEN point B can sometimes be a stressful picture of synergy meltdown. And yet, with this team, everything came FOR A WORD FROM THE EDITOR We asked: What does teamwork mean to you in your professional life? @StephanieFlor Believing in someone’s passion to unite and create something from a vision of more than one mind... A great team is essential. 4 BEAUTYetc. FALL 2011 etc... (OPENING YOUR MAKEUP PALETTE) Photography: Ferny Chung

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Beauty Etc. Fall 2011 - Cover
Table Of Contents
Gold Is Her Metal
Kit Picks - Hagen Linss
Artist Intel - Here and Brow
Duality of Beauty
Kit Essentials
Makeup Bag - Palette's Go!
Backstage Beauty - Lash Flow
Come Color Correct
Neon Scene
Hollywood Highlighter - Kristen Stewart
5 New Beauty Rules
Palette Profiles - Built to Lash
Color Cues - In the Buff
The Lion's Share
Touch Up - Last Looks

BeautyEtc. - Fall 2011