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kit PICKS Makeup artist Hagen Linss shares her top picks when working on FX shoots. By Molly Church SHe’S Sewn togetHer LipS and pelted skin with bruises and bumps—but it’s all been in the name of making-up. Makeup artist Hagen Linss is like a magician: She uses special effects makeup to create optical illusions to trick the naked eye. the living become the dead, the young become the old, the healthy become the injured—all at the hand (or the slight-of-hand, as the case may be) of Linss. “Clean, beautiful makeup is great, and it really takes a lot of skill and talent to make someone look ‘natural’ for a fashion or beauty editorial or ad, but i love the opportunity to let my hair down, be painterly and get creative,” shares Linss, who got her first taste of special effects makeup on the set of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, where she was doing background makeup. 8 BEAUTYetc. FALL 2011 the KIT Click on the products to reveal more etc... (OPENING YOUR MAKEUP PALETTE) Benny Horne for VMan Issue #21 (Left): John Nordell Hagen Linss’ Kit PicKs

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Gold Is Her Metal
Kit Picks - Hagen Linss
Artist Intel - Here and Brow
Duality of Beauty
Kit Essentials
Makeup Bag - Palette's Go!
Backstage Beauty - Lash Flow
Come Color Correct
Neon Scene
Hollywood Highlighter - Kristen Stewart
5 New Beauty Rules
Palette Profiles - Built to Lash
Color Cues - In the Buff
The Lion's Share
Touch Up - Last Looks

BeautyEtc. - Fall 2011