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artist INTEL The ConCeal Deal Take down troublesome dark circles with these undercover tips and products. The dreaded dark circle is a master manipulator: it convinces others we’re tired, unhealthy or longer in the tooth than we really are. Thankfully, we can manipulate it in return through the art of concealment. “i like to think of concealer says. “By using the right concealers and correctors, you brighten the eye area, take away any dark appearance and make the face look well-rested.” Not simply any product does the job, however; “the wrong color or application can kill your overall makeup look,” Young says. Select CliCk on the image to see step-by-step teChniques. 24 BEAUTYetc. Winter 2011 The Conceal Deal etc... (OPENING YOUR MAKEUP PALETTE) Images: Armando Sanchez, Andreea Angelescu; Makeup and hair: Chelsea Jade Allen, as your face’s best friend,” makeup artist Noreen Young

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Beauty Etc. - Winter 2010/2011

Beauty Etc. - Winter 2010/2011
Table of Contents
Beauty Scoop
Kit Essentials
Etc., Etc.
In Like Tint
The Gray Shift
Go Deep
The Conceal Deal
Beautiful Stranger
Retro Bending
Going Hi-Def
Jewel Tide
Sharp Objects
Claire Danes

Beauty Etc. - Winter 2010/2011