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face-to- FACE Old habits die hard FrIends and acquaIntances oftentimes ask me what my favorite makeup items are. the question causes a class-a shutdown of my brain; I draw a complete blank. My mind cycles through what I’ve used this week, then the week before that, and it continues to pull and reject files dating back to 2002. (I’m Photography: Ferny Chung often told I need to reorganize my brain. Less Lindsay Lohan shenanigans, more financial crisis know-how.) after beads of sweat escape my hairline Karie L. Frost, Executive Editor (blowing the whistle on my perceived coolness as a beauty editor), I reply with force of conviction: “XYZ mascara. not the waterproof type.” My audience seems unimpressed and uninspired; everyone likes this brand. they brush aside my first response, and pounce again: What about the rest of my face? What Listen as I share with you this month's hottest stories! CliCK here FACE-TO-FACE WITH YOU! How important is it to keep trying out new products? BridesandBeauty: Very important! Product ingredients change and improve all the time. there’s always something new out there! 6 BEAUTYetc. Winter 2011 etc... (OPENING YOUR MAKEUP PALETTE)

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Beauty Etc. - Winter 2010/2011

Beauty Etc. - Winter 2010/2011
Table of Contents
Beauty Scoop
Kit Essentials
Etc., Etc.
In Like Tint
The Gray Shift
Go Deep
The Conceal Deal
Beautiful Stranger
Retro Bending
Going Hi-Def
Jewel Tide
Sharp Objects
Claire Danes

Beauty Etc. - Winter 2010/2011