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ryder - omeara.qxd 24/11/06 11:41 am Page 60 We are very well aware of the fact that automotive supply chain management and logistics design, OEMs can be difficult customers, states Vicki O'Meara engineering, planning and implementation, as well as firmly. As president of Ryder's Supply Chain Solutions Dedicated Contract Carriage, a turnkey transportation division, she is better placed than most to make that package that includes vehicles, provision of drivers and obser vation. We know that OEMs have to deliver routing and scheduling services. O'Meara is responsible for continuous improvement year over year, and our job is to the leadership and development of the segment. help them do that. Would we be happier if they were Many companies use the term solutions when they really pressuring us less on margins? Of course we would. Who mean attempts to discover solutions. Vicki O'Meara's wouldn't be? Find me a business that isn't tough, she conversation is liberally sprinkled with absolutes; words like challenges. We recognise the market pressures the auto flawless, best and never-fail proliferate. You are left with the manufacturers are faced with and we are very encouraged inescapable impression that this is a company confident in by the way, through transportation and material flow its ability to deliver; that, for Ryder, solutions means what it management, we have been able to help them to meet says. those annual objectives. When you deliver, The value which we have always provided to our they're fair. a u t o m o t i ve customers is, quite simply, reliable, Ryder 's Supply Chain Solutions dependable, never-fail service, she states bluntly. They business segment provides need it; especially now, with the rapidly-changing FLAWLESS, CONSISTENT EXECUTION That's what Ryder System, Inc. offers its customers. Sam Ogle asked Vicki O'Meara, president of Ryder's US Supply Chain Solutions, about the challenges facing today's automotive logistics industry. 60

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Here For The Long Haul
Halewood. Rebirth of a Car Plant
Safety First
Focus on Flexibility
A Prophet Without Honour?
Chrysler Cuts It Four Ways
A MINI For All Reasons
Porsche Plans Continuous Logistics Improvement
Flawless, Consistent Execution
Ford's European Supplier Parks Deliver Lean Manufacturing Efficiencies
Cheap and Cheerful
Onwards and Upwards
Schrader and Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems Take the Pressure
No Faults Forward
A Long Way From Wheelbarrows and Bath Tubs
A New Era in US/Japanese Cooperation
A Dialogue of the Deaf