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martinrea.qxd 24/11/06 11:56 am Page 73 From left to right: Nat Rea, Nick Orlando, Fred Jaekel and Rob Wildeboer ONWARDS AND UPWARDS Five years ago, Martinrea International wasn't in the automotive business. Today, the Canadian company's automotive revenues stand at almost $800 million. Alan Cartwright asked Martinrea's chairman, Rob Wildeboer, about the success of the company. 73

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of AutoMOTIVE 5

Editors Note
Here For The Long Haul
Halewood. Rebirth of a Car Plant
Safety First
Focus on Flexibility
A Prophet Without Honour?
Chrysler Cuts It Four Ways
A MINI For All Reasons
Porsche Plans Continuous Logistics Improvement
Flawless, Consistent Execution
Ford's European Supplier Parks Deliver Lean Manufacturing Efficiencies
Cheap and Cheerful
Onwards and Upwards
Schrader and Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems Take the Pressure
No Faults Forward
A Long Way From Wheelbarrows and Bath Tubs
A New Era in US/Japanese Cooperation
A Dialogue of the Deaf