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keeping score digital 12/5/06 1:30 pm Page 76 KEEPING SCORE Unionised mid-western automotive companies are shrinking. US car maker employee numbers in Michigan are more than 30 percent lower in this decade than they were in the 1970's. Part of this shrinkage is not simply job loss due to market loss, but company-driven streamlining intent on creating more agile corporations to compete within the global market. Chrysler Group, of DaimlerChrysler NA, is working towards improving the appeal of its automotive products by implementing a balanced scorecard of performance metrics

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Editors Note
Investment In Excellence
Partnership in Action
Virtually Partners
Gatekeeper of the Supply Chain
We Walk as we Talk
Small, Smart and Speedy
Caslte Bromwich. A Lean Machine... Just Like The Car It Builds
Sealed and Silent
Space at a Premium in European Ports
All A1 at NYK & DCX
Any Colour You Like; As Long As It's Green
Design For a Classy Chassis
Keeping Score
A Combination of Man and Machine
Bouncing Czechs