ASET Spring 2020 - 26


Corey Klimchuk, C.E.T.

Corey started his career as a technologist in 2009, enrolling at NAIT. After completing the geological technology program with a geo-environmental specialization, Corey continued on to NAIT's bachelor of technology in technology
management program. 
Corey spent his first years as a technologist working for
a groundwater consulting firm before joining Pinchin Ltd.
(Pinchin) in 2014 as an environmental technologist. Since
then, he has rapidly grown from a successful technologist
to project manager and is currently Pinchin's business development manager in the Prairies. 
Working alongside executive and senior operational leadership has enhanced Corey's leadership abilities and further
equipped him with the skills, focus and understanding necessary to lead a successful organization. Corey's appointment to Pinchin's executive committee in 2018 as a national
key account leader is a result of his drive and determination.
His nomination in 2019 for Pinchin's emerging excellence
program is even more proof that he goes above and beyond. 
"Given the changes in Alberta's engineering and geoscience
legislation over the last decade, and how it has allowed ASET
to set the standard in Canada with engineers, geoscientists
and technologists working together, drive, determination and
resiliency are strengths that I feel are required of ASET's future executive leadership," Corey says.

"I am excited to have the privilege to give
back to, and help grow, an organization
that is the cornerstone of my career."   
Corey enjoys networking, teaching, problem solving and
mentoring. He is a strong advocate for lifelong learning, and
constantly strives for growth both personally and for the organizations he represents. 


Corey has strong ties to NAIT outside of his education and
has been a member of the NAIT geological technology advisory committee since 2017, supporting the program through
its Technology Accreditation Canada certification assessment in 2018. As an ongoing participant on the advisory
committee, Corey has a better understanding of the challenges faced by the next generation of science and technology professionals entering Alberta's workforce. He knows
how ASET can help them grow their careers. 
Corey has also had the privilege of working with dozens of
professionals who've come to Canada for a better life. He
has seen firsthand the challenges these exceptional professionals can face when entering Canada's workforce. "It
can be difficult to get recognition for one's credentials and
education from outside of Canada," Corey says. "However,
I believe that there is a way to be inclusive and welcoming
while also maintaining a high standard for competency and
ability for science and technology professionals."
Corey was appointed to the Alberta safety codes council,
building sub-council in 2018, and acts as liaison to the fire
and barrier free sub-councils. "I believe that volunteer work
is essential for a healthy and strong society and I really enjoy doing it. It has inspired me to push further and join the
ASET executive, as I want to help further build the organization and strengthen its recognition in industry," says Corey. 
"I believe that science and engineering technologists are an
essential component in Alberta's, and Canada's, workforce
and need to be strongly supported by legislation, other professional organizations and ASET itself."
Corey enjoys contributing back to the community he grew
up in, volunteering as a head coach for the North Edmonton
Minor Football Association, and spending time participating
in events for the Edmonton Food Bank, Mustard Seed and
Win House foundations.


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