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Emilee Kaupp, C.E.T.
TAC and potentially introducing Professional Practice Exam
(PPE) preparation alongside diploma curriculum. She believes this step could increase student awareness of ASET.
It would also ease the transition into the workforce if a direct
bridge to membership is put in place.  

Emilee Kaupp is a C.E.T. who received her diploma from
Lethbridge College in 2014. She has worked for Associated
Engineering for the past six years. 
During this time, Emilee has worked on several civil and
municipal projects. These include project management,
construction and design duties. Owing to her construction
experience, as well as her formal education and planning
work, Emilee has developed a keen knowledge for both
theoretical and practical matters related to the field of engineering technology.
Operating out of the city of Lethbridge from the moment she
graduated, Emilee has had a direct hand in projects like water main upgrading, the development of new subdivisions
and reconstruction efforts in main hubs of the city.
Her specific duties on these projects ranged from preparing cost estimates, to chairing meetings, to working directly
with engineers to ensure operations ran effectively. She's
also held a member position on the civil engineering technology advisory committee at her Alma Mater the past three
years, providing input on enhancements to student curriculum and guidance on which skills are most valuable when
they enter the field. 
"Involvement on ASET Council would give me a source of
pride and provide an unmatched opportunity to make contributions to benefit the engineering technology membership," Emilee says.
For Emilee, these contributions will take the form of increasing the number of certified engineering technologists. She
plans to do this first by increasing engagement with high
school students and showing them the career opportunities
that open up to registered technologists. 
Another strategy will be in working alongside colleges and


Further, Emilee aims to expand the mentorship program so
that it also includes assistance for T.T.s who are applying for
certification. Finally, she wants to work alongside employers
to make certification an employment requirement for hiring
at more workplaces. 
"With a significant majority of registered members," Emilee
says, "ASET can then assume an increase in respect by government and other professional bodies and be recognized
and trusted by employers." 
Increasing public perception and knowledge of the association is important as well, so she aims to increase social
media connections with a public awareness campaign. 
"ASET could initiate a public relation campaign to increase
exposure and public awareness of the value technologists
As a C.E.T. working out of Lethbridge, Emilee aims to better
represent the interests and inputs of Southern Alberta, ensuring that as an organization ASET meets the needs of and
better reflects all its membership.
She also holds that her position as a young female on the
Council will strengthen ASET with a unique perspective.
"With this outlook I would be able to assist with inclusion as
it relates to both gender and generation," she says.
Emilee's ultimate goal is to show both the public and technologists not yet registered as C.E.T.s why certification is
such a valuable element of Alberta's technology industry.
More knowledge of ASET's value will increase membership
and influence, as the association continues to work toward
In her spare time, Emilee enjoys golfing and refurbishing
furniture for her new home.


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