ASET Spring 2020 - 34


Sandi Seidle, P.Tech.(Eng.)

"ASET has made astronomical achievements in the national forum in the advancement of Technology Accreditation
Canada," Sandra says, "making it easier to land in a new
province and (almost) seamlessly continue on this path."
Sandra Seidle received her electronics engineering diploma
from Saskatchewan Polytechnic. She was hired by General
Dynamics Canada, a military contract company, in 2002.

"But - consider globally. What if an ASET member wants, or
needs, to relocate to another country? We are exponentially
becoming a global world, and we shouldn't be left behind." 

Over her illustrious career with the company, Sandra has
held a litany of different job titles. She's been a systems design engineer, a team lead and worked in system integration, testing and qualifications. She is currently the technical
manager for multiple departments working on a British military upgrade program called the MORPHEUS project.

Sandra has ideas to make sure ASET keeps up. She thinks
creating a global mentorship community resource could go
a long way to help ASET member technologists who've just
left Canada. 

She's gathered years of leadership and mentoring experience, largely from her involvement with ASET. Sandra
served on ASET's Council for a term between 2015 and
2016. She'd have run for election again but was sent by her
employer to the UK. Sandra was also a board member of the
ASET/APEGA joint review committee and volunteered with
the C.E.T. exam steering committee. 
Attaining her P.Tech. (Eng.) designation in 2011 was a significant moment for Sandra. It filled her with pride and allowed
her to advance in her career by gaining new and varied
field experience. Despite the opportunities available today,
Sandra believes she and other members can benefit even
further, if ASET can define a scope of practice for technologists in the province. 

"Members who have worked, travelled, relocated and/or
lived in a foreign country could register as a volunteer,"
Sandra explains. "It could even be added as a branch to
the existing volunteer database. Consider for example how
much value our international members that have relocated
to Canada and joined ASET would add!"
She sees this resource as incredibly helpful not only to
members who've moved to a new country, but also to those
yet to leave. 
"An ASET member looking to relocate to a certain country
would register to the mentor database looking for information on a specific country," she says. "Information may be
anything from cost of living to political climate, and anything

"These efforts may be at a standstill," Sandra admits, "but I
have every confidence ASET will succeed, as it has done for
many obstacles in the recent past (most notably Technology
Accreditation Canada (TAC) and self-regulation)."

Sandra has personal experience as a Canadian technologist whose work required her to move away from home. "I
have relocated to the UK several times over the past two
decades, and I would still have greatly benefited from help
and advice," she says.

Sandra's goals upon election would be adjustments on a
global scale. Specifically, she thinks the association could
take lessons it has learned nationally and help members
who've moved across the world.

Sandra would be honoured to serve on ASET Council once
more. She hopes "to make a difference for fellow ASET
members, and to give back to the association that has done,
and continues to do, so much for us."



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