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2019: Milestone year for Technology Accreditation Canada
2019 was a milestone year for Technology Accreditation
Canada (TAC) as the first accredited program, the Electrical Engineering Technology program at Georgian College,
successfully renewed its accreditation. An additional 15 engineering technology and applied science programs were
accredited, bringing the total number of TAC accredited
programs to 70.
The Standards Development Steering Committee's work on
key issues related to the profession's collection of national
standards concluded with the Standards Council's approval
of all recommendations contained in the Committee's report. This event paves the way for stakeholder public review
and comment on the proposed solutions.
The year culminated with an agreement with Canadian Council
of Technicians and Technologists to integrate the operations
of the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB). As a
result, TAC became the sole national accrediting body, adding
92 CTAB accredited programs. Further to this development,
TAC admitted five new members, the provincial certifying
bodies in Manitoba (Council of Technicians and Technologists
of Manitoba), Prince Edward Island (Island Technology Professionals), New Brunswick (New Brunswick Society of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists/Société des
techniciens et des technologues agréés du génie du Nouveau
Brunswick), Newfoundland and Labrador (The Association of
Engineering Technicians and Technologists of Newfoundland
and Labrador) and Nova Scotia (TechNova).

"The integration of the CTAB programs
is a significant achievement that caps
five years of steady growth, not only in
numbers of programs accredited and
auditors trained and deployed, but in our
accreditation program's excellence and
credibility overall," commented Peter
Portlock, TAC Board of Directors Chair
"This important development best
serves the interests of the engineering
technology and applied science
profession in general and students
in particular."


Additional accomplishments and progress realized in
TAC's fifth year of operation are highlighted in the  2019
Annual Report.
Accreditation is recognized worldwide as an objective
method of assessment and a valuable tool to identify program strengths and challenges. This independent seal
of approval represents excellence in education and the
high standards of the profession graduates will be joining.
Achieving accreditation provides students, parents and the
institution's administration confidence that the program has
met defined standards.

ASET announces winners of the
2019 $10,000 Giveaway Contest
ASET congratulates Jeffrey Reiter on winning the $5,000 grand
prize for the 2019 $10,000 ASET Giveaway Contest. The contest
was held by the ASET Home and Auto Insurance Program. To
enter, contestants had to call in to The Personal, which underwrites the program, and obtain a quote for home and/or automotive insurance.
The contest ran from January through November 2019, with winners announced every month. These lucky members each received a $500 Visa gift card. Additionally, the program launched a
student promotion in the fall. The student winners of this contest
received $100 Visa gift cards.
Once again, ASET would like to extend its congratulations to
the winners and thank every member who took part in the
2019 $10,000 ASET Giveaway Contest. Find out more about
the ASET member-exclusive insurance deals offered by The
Personal at, or by calling 1-877-314-2338.

ASET $10,000 Giveaway Contest
John Barthory
Kevin Wasiluk
Brent Filevich
Colin Gunn
Todd Nielsen
James Grimsdale
Jesse Twidale

Dale Wilson
George Germain
Nathan Reid

Grand Prize
Jeffrey Reiter

ASET Student
Dillon Wheeler
Joseph Baldonado
Sofia Carabit
Todd Warren
Yao Jia

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