ASET Spring 2020 - 7

from the
Don Wilson


As I prepare to descend from the President's seat to a much
less glamourous posting as Past President, supporting Ray
Wilkinson in his ascension to 2020/21 ASET President, I reflect on a year in which ASET has taken significant steps
in value, equity and progress. We have begun new and important discussions and taken decisions, both within ASET
Council and with the national activities that have engaged
us with all technologist certification associations across
Canada. Such a productive year occurs only when working
closely with a talented team of enthusiastic and competent
Councillors. This year, we worked towards recognizing and
more accurately reflecting Alberta's evolving demographic
makeup. This has resulted in the greatest diversity within
this year's seven nominees for Council. I look forward to the
progress they will spark as we seek to make inroads in areas such as equity and transparency, all within the overall
effort to increase value to the membership.
Quite pleasurably within my purview over the last 12 months,
ASET has made great strides in several areas, some of
which will have a lasting impact both within Alberta and beyond our provincial and possibly international borders:
This year, at a reunification gathering in Winnipeg arranged by Peter Portlock, Technology Professionals
Canada received, completed and approved applications from the other five applicable Canadian provinces, and we saw success in the formal reunification of
the Provincial Technology Professional Associations
of Canada. We technology professionals are once
again united.
After the same decade of discord, Canada can once
again boast a single national standard for accrediting
post-secondary technology programs. This is the result of the amalgamation of the accreditation services
of Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) and the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB) under
the TAC banner. I believe this to be an important step
in the eventual development of national standards for
our profession.

We are also pleased to announce a partnership with
NAIT working toward the development of a new business education program. The program will be tailored to meet the needs of technologists working
as or looking to become managers. We have a joint
vision that the program will reveal a world of opportunity to those seeking meaningful career advancement. With it, students can borrow from their prior
learning base and reduce the burden of time it takes
to earn a full degree.
Recognizing we cannot increase our annual fees
needlessly, Council has approved a plan focused on
significant development of non-dues revenue. We
have authorized Barry Cavanaugh, ASET CEO, to support the initiative with a bold strategy. The plan is designed to leverage the range of skills already at our
disposal and allow leadership to hire any additional
staff needed to improve the association's bottom line.
As is demonstrated in our progress of 2020, ASET completed a significant quantity of strategic efforts last year.
Sadly, we were unable to progress in our efforts to reach
agreement with our friends at APEGA regarding introduction
of universal certification backstopped by a defined scope
of practice for engineering and geoscience technologists.
Enormous effort remains toward that front, but we remain
optimistic, particularly as the Government of Alberta has
made obvious its approval of ASET's fair registration practices. Let's remember that APEGA initiated ASET in 1963 as
a measure to differentiate certified engineering technologists. Although that vision has now been skewed from its
original intent, and even with APEGA Council agreeing with
us on several occasions, we need to continue to promote
and define the practice rights of what is essentially the only
non-defined professional practice in Alberta. As technologists we are nothing if not resilient.
My greatest thanks for the support of the membership,
Council and ASET staff and management. Representing
such an engaged, dynamic community of professionals has
been one of the great honours of my career. Any melancholy
I feel at this time is easily offset by the anticipation of the
great things President Wilkinson and this year's ASET Council will accomplish in 2020/21.



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