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SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 2013 WELCOME CEREMONY AND AFMC-AMS J.WENDELL MACLEOD MEMORIAL LECTURE 4:00PM – 5:30PM Hilton Hotel, First floor, Palais, Kent, and Saint-Louis Rooms #welcomeplenary DR. DAVE WILLIAMS, President and CEO, Southlake Regional Health Centre Dave Williams is one of the most accomplished astronauts ever to participate in the NASA space program. He has two space shuttle missions under his belt and also holds the Canadian record for spacewalks. He is also one of the very few people who has lived both in space and underwater. Williams was born on May 16, 1954, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and was raised in Montréal, Québec. His post-secondary studies at McGill University focused on medicine, leading to a bachelor of science in biology, a master of science in physiology, a doctorate of medicine, and a master of surgery. He did his residency at the University of Ottawa and the University of Toronto before joining the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto as an emergency room doctor in 1988. He also lectured in the department of surgery at the University of Toronto. From 1989 to 1990, Williams was an emergency room doctor with Emergency Associates of Kitchener-Waterloo and was also the medical director of the Westmount Urgent Care Clinic. He later became director of emergency services at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and an assistant professor of surgery at the University of Toronto. Williams fulfilled a boyhood dream when he was one of four people selected for the Canadian Astronaut Program in 1992, and a year later was appointed manager of the Missions and Space Medicine Group for the program. In 1995, he started a one-year training and evaluation program at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. After completing his training, he was assigned to the Payloads and Habitability Branch of the NASA Astronaut Office. In 1998, Williams became the seventh Canadian in space when he flew as a mission specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia. The Neurolab mission performed experiments on the effects of micro-gravity on the brain and the nervous system. Following the mission, Williams was appointed director of the Space and Life Sciences Directorate at the Johnson Space Center, becoming the first non-American to hold a senior management position at NASA. He remained in that role for four years. Williams added aquanaut to his resumé in 2001 when he participated in the NEEMO 1 mission, a training exercise held in Aquarius, an underwater research habitat in Key Largo, Florida. The laboratory allows astronauts to train for the International Space Station and also to test technologies before they are used in space. Five years later, he was the crew commander of the NEEMO 9 mission, which assessed methods of delivering medical care to a remote location, much like it would be done during a long space flight. He returned to space in August 2007 as a mission specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour. Williams set a Canadian record when he performed three spacewalks on the mission, which focused more on construction than experiments. The astronauts delivered and installed a truss segment on the International Space Station and also installed a new gyroscope for steering and steadying the station. 12 CANADIAN CONFERENCE ON MEDICAL EDUCATION 2013

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of CCME 2013 Final Program

CCME 2013 Final Program
Table of Contents
General Information
Floor Plans
Quebec City
Friday April 19
Saturday April 20
Welcoming Ceremony and AFMC AMS J. Wendell Macleod Memorial Lecture
Dedicated Sessions
Welcoming Reception
Medical Education and Patient Safety: A Patient-Doctor Dialogue
Sunday April 21
Educational Innovation Symposium – Teaching Patient Safety – A Call to Action
Oral Presentations
Facilitated Sessions
Education Research Symposium – Assessing Clinical Teachers’ Professional Behaviours
Transforming Our System: Are We Moving in the Right Direction?
Monday April 22
Hot Topic
Tuesday April 23
AFMC Learner
No More Lonely Heroes: Learner Wellness Through Collaboration
AFMC – Awards Reception and Presidential Address
CAME – Awards Luncheon and AGM, Certificate of Merit Awards

CCME 2013 Final Program