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SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 2013 WORKSHOPS WA 8 “Leaving it Better than You Found It”: One Approach to Integrating Quality Improvement into Your Residency Program 10:30AM – 12:00PM (BLOCK A) WA 1 Quebec City Convention Centre, Level 2, Room 2105 Are You as Good an OSCE Examiner as You Think? Karen Hall Barber, Danyal Martin, Queen’s University Quebec City Convention Centre, Level 2, Room 205A Ilona Bartman, Marguerite Roy, Sydney Smee, Medical Council of Canada WA 2 WA 9 Fostering a Partnership of Effective Feedback Quebec City Convention Centre, Level 3, Room 303A The Making of Successful CPD/CME Courses Stephen Miller, Constance LeBlanc, Kathryn Lightfoot, Joanna Holland, Peggy AlexiadisBrown, Karen Mann, Joan Sargeant, Dalhousie University; Dianne Delva, University of Toronto Quebec City Convention Centre, Level 2, Room 205B Khalid Azzam, Mohamed Panju, Nidhi Kumar Tyagi, Lynee Lohfeld, Sheilah Laffan, Panju Akbar, McMaster University WA 3 Coaching in Medical Education Quebec City Convention Centre, Level 2, Room 205C Jose Francois, Jim McLaren, University of Manitoba WA 4 Persuasive Writing for Residents ORALS 10:30AM – 12:00PM Faculty Development (Block A1) PG CME UG AS HW Quebec City Convention Centre, Level 2, Room 207 WA 5 Moderator: Patricia-Ann Laughrea Erika Abner, Najma Ahmed, Fran Scott, Wayne Gold, University of Toronto; Anthony Abner Quebec City Convention Centre, Level 2, Room 204B Critical Perspectives on Quality Improvement in Medical Education OA1-1 Vincent Jobin, Nathalie Caire Fon, Bernard Charlin, Université de Montréal Quebec City Convention Centre, Level 2, Room 2101 Rachel Ellaway, Stacey Ritz, Kathleen Beatty, Northern Ontario School of Medicine WA 6 Emmanuelle Careau, Université Laval; Sue Berry, Karim Remtulla, David Marsh, Northern Ontario School of Medicine; Margo Paterson, Janice Vandijk, Queen’s University; Lesley Bainbridge, University of British Columbia; Maria Tassone, Sarita Verma, University of Toronto WA 7 OA1-2 Fostering Interprofessional Learning and Practice Through the Development of Collaborative Leadership Competencies Quebec City Convention Centre, Level 2, Room 206A Shawna O’Hearn, Preston Smith, Peggy Brown, Elisabeth Gold, Dalhousie University Identifying Personal and Departmental Learning Plans for Medical Faculty Dave Dixon, Brad Dixon, Jatinder Takhar, Jason Eadie, University of Western Ontario OA1-3 L’enseignement des compétences CanMEDS en clinique: conceptions des cliniciens enseignants Patricia-Ann Laughrea, Luc Côté, Université Laval OA1-4 7 Rules For Creating High-Quality MultipleChoice Questions: A Novel Workshop For Physican Educators Richard Lee, Patrick San Agustin, Curtis Rabuka, University of Alberta Integrating Community Engagement into a Social Accountability Mandate Quebec City Convention Centre, Level 2, Room 2104B Teaching Skills With the Script Concordance Approach: A Pilot Study OA1-5 Preventing Curriculum Pitfalls: Using a Systems Thinking Approach Ève-Reine Gagné, Daniel Gladu, Paul Grand’Maison, Paul Chiasson, Éric Lachance, Eveline Cambron-Goulet, Université de Sherbrooke APRIL 20 – 23, 2013 – QUEBEC CITY, QC 21

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of CCME 2013 Final Program

CCME 2013 Final Program
Table of Contents
General Information
Floor Plans
Quebec City
Friday April 19
Saturday April 20
Welcoming Ceremony and AFMC AMS J. Wendell Macleod Memorial Lecture
Dedicated Sessions
Welcoming Reception
Medical Education and Patient Safety: A Patient-Doctor Dialogue
Sunday April 21
Educational Innovation Symposium – Teaching Patient Safety – A Call to Action
Oral Presentations
Facilitated Sessions
Education Research Symposium – Assessing Clinical Teachers’ Professional Behaviours
Transforming Our System: Are We Moving in the Right Direction?
Monday April 22
Hot Topic
Tuesday April 23
AFMC Learner
No More Lonely Heroes: Learner Wellness Through Collaboration
AFMC – Awards Reception and Presidential Address
CAME – Awards Luncheon and AGM, Certificate of Merit Awards

CCME 2013 Final Program