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FROM THE FOUNDER A ROBUST & GREEN ECONOMY DOWNTURNS ARE OFTEN AN EXCUSE TO INVEST LESS IN ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY SOLUTIONS WILL THE SAME BE TRUE TODAY? By Steven W. Peck Amongst all of the doom and gloom and dire predictions about the economy, one can only wonder what the effect may be on the progress we are making toward the co-creation of restorative, healing buildings and healthier and more sustainable communities. In years past, economic downturns have been used to justify reductions in environmental spending along the lines of: “Well, we can’t afford to clean up our industries because…” Will this happen again or have we finally crossed the threshold of the great environment-economic divide with this latest global financial crisis? Here are a few points that illustrate why I believe this recent economic downturn may prove beneficial to the green roof and green building movement. LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR FALL 3

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2008
From the Founder: A Robust Economy
Strata - People, Products & Projects: Austin's Hotspot for Habitat & Baltimore Hilton Goes Green
A Green Roof for a County Courthouse
Research Grant for Design Tool
On the Roof With...
A New Vue on Downtown Open Space
Sound Transmission Loss of Extensive Green Roofs
On Target
Optimizing for Sustainability
First GRHC Green Roof Symposium in Florida
Welcome New Corporate Members
Professional Calendar
Experts Reflect on the Value of the GRP

Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2008