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GRHC UPDATE FIRST GRHC GREEN ROOF SYMPOSIUM IN FLORIDA HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY APPROVES AN AMENDMENT TO ALLOW GREEN ROOFS TO COUNT AS “OPEN SPACE” DURING THE SITE DEVELOPMENT REVIEW PROCESS By Dyan Elizabeth Backe A t the Tampa campus of the University of South Florida last June, Hillsborough County’s Planning and Growth Management Department and the South West Florida Water Management District co-hosted the first Symposium on Green Roofs in the state of Florida led by Jennifer Sprout of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. A cross-section of professionals interested in green roofs attended the one-day event including planners, architects, builders, academics, and engineers. Opening remarks were provided by Councilwoman Linda Saul-Sena of the City of Tampa who has been supportive of sustainable policies presented to the City Council. The case studies at the symposium were especially informative during the morning session as research was presented that applies particularly to state specific issues such as plant selection, mold concerns, windborne debris issues specific to hurricanes, water conservation techniques, and the benefits of utilizing solar panels on a green roof. University research conducted on green roofs was presented by Donald Carpenter, Ph.D., of Lawrence Tech University and by Marty Wanielista, Ph.D and Mike Harding both of the University of Central Florida. One attendee, Colleen Mackin, Executive Director, Florida Gulf Coast Chapter usgbc commented on the event: “It was exciting to see all the new advances on materials and review the data to prove the value and savings that green roofs bring INTERESTED IN GETTING MORE GREEN ROOFS AND WALLS IN YOUR COMMUNITY? WHY NOT CO HOST YOUR OWN SYMPOSIUM WITH GREEN ROOFS FOR HEALTHY CITIES FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT JENNIFER SPROUT JSPROUT GREENROOFS ORG OR EXT to buildings. I never knew solar energy runs 20 per cent more efficient when used in tandem with green roofs, what a more desirable, useful and powerful tool for leed® building projects.” The symposium is one component of a greater focus within Hillsborough County to encourage sustainable, low impact development technologies. By focusing on such technology, the Tampa Bay region is addressing issues such as urban heat island impacts, air and water quality concerns, energy management and the containment of stormwater flows. Hillsborough County’s Board of County Commissioners recently approved an amendment to the Land Development Code permitting green roofs to obtain credit as open space during the site development review process. The energy and excitement generated at the symposium for green roofs and low impact development practices are encouraging signs foretelling a desire for a sustainable future in the Tampa Bay region. Dyan Elizabeth Backe, AICP is Senior Planner,Planning & Growth Management for Hillsborough County,Florida. D 36 LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR FALL

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2008
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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2008