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GRHC UPDATE EXPERTS REFLECT ON THE VALUE OF THE GRP ON JUNE TH INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS WILL WRITE THE FIRST EXAM FOR THE NEW GREEN ROOF PROFESSIONAL GRP ACCREDITATION DURING GRHC’S TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE IN ATLANTA GEORGIA WILL YOU BE AMONG THEM? s many living architecture professionals will know, the Green Roof Professional (GRP) accreditation has been almost a decade in the making since the inception of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities in 1999. Accreditation will become a reality on Friday June 5, 2009, when the very first industry professionals will write the inaugural GRP Accreditation Exam during the 7th Annual Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Toward this end, GRHC’s Accreditation Test Committee comprised of 13 professionals drawn from multiple professional backgrounds have been working hard to develop an exam that reflects all of the major areas of knowledge required to successfully design, install and maintain a green roof. The GRP designation will allow individuals to differentiate themselves in the market while also establishing multi-disciplinary standards for knowledge within the industry. Take the first step to becoming one of the premier Green Roof Professionals in North America by registering for the inaugural test at GRHC’s annual conference at Completion of GRHC’s professional training courses 101 through to 401 is highly recommended prior to taking the exam. The cost of the exam is $395 and, in addition to Atlanta, will be offered in four cities in 2009: Chicago, New York, Toronto and Seattle. For more information, see the Accreditation FAQ and list of Membership Benefits on our website. Still need help? Contact Hazel Farley, Director of Training and Accreditation at or 416.971.4494 ext. 222. A 40 LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR FALL

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2008
From the Founder: A Robust Economy
Strata - People, Products & Projects: Austin's Hotspot for Habitat & Baltimore Hilton Goes Green
A Green Roof for a County Courthouse
Research Grant for Design Tool
On the Roof With...
A New Vue on Downtown Open Space
Sound Transmission Loss of Extensive Green Roofs
On Target
Optimizing for Sustainability
First GRHC Green Roof Symposium in Florida
Welcome New Corporate Members
Professional Calendar
Experts Reflect on the Value of the GRP

Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2008