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POLICY POLICY SUPPORT FROM FAST-TRACK PERMITTING TO STORMWATER-FEE CREDITS, THERE ARE A MYRIAD OF WAYS COMMUNITIES CAN ENCOURAGE THE RAPID ADOPTION OF GREEN ROOFS AND WALLS IN NORTH AMERICA By Sara Loveland & Nora Shepard To better understand the breadth and depth of policy supports – and to help other jurisdictions develop their own innovative incentives and programs – we have researched and begun to catalogue the policy marketplace. The result is information on more than 40 innovative policies from 26 jurisdictions throughout the United States and Toronto, Canada. Through this research, we found five different types of policy supports being commonly used today: 24 LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR FALL 2009 I t is a very dynamic time for policy initiatives that support DENSITY BONUS: The jurisdiction will allow the building owner to green roof and wall implementation. It is clear the word increase the total square footage of the development or the total coverage is out – green roofs are good for cities – and policymak- of the building on the lot, in exchange for the addition of permeable surfaces and green roofs. ers are embracing so-called low-impact development (LID) with ever-increasing enthusiasm. FAST-TRACK PERMITTING: If you build a green roof, or complementary green infrastructure project, you will be eligible to move through the permitting line more quickly. Although not strictly monetary, this incentive can save thousands of dollars, time and result in greater marketability and public support for the project. DIRECT GRANT PROGRAMS: Often generous, these are pilot programs designed to build awareness of stormwater management issues and city/state commitment, most aim to fund 20-30 percent of project costs. There are enough financially compelling reasons to build a green roof even without a subsidy, but the broader market is still being educated. In the mean time, take advantage of cash for your green roof project.

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2009
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Part 2 of 2: Risk-Reduction Tools
Toward Bird-Friendly Living Architecture
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7 Million-Square-Feet
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From "Beantown" To "Greentown"
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Understanding The Green Roof Evapotranpiration Process
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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2009