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ON THE COVER: Image of the new green roof on the Minneapolis Target Center courtesy of Kestrel Design Group, Inc., ©2009 Bergeson Photography. SPECIAL REPORT CITIES LEADING BY EXAMPLE How the cities who have hosted Green Roofs for Healthy Cities annual conference are progressing towards greening their community rooftops. 13 7 MILLION-SQUARE-FEET With green roofs on schools, transportation facilities, museums and fire stations, a lot has changed since Chicago hosted the firstever green roofs for the healthy cities conference. By Caroline M. Nolan 13 Q&A: ON THE ROOF WITH Sadhu Johnston, chief environmental officer for the City of Chicago. By Caroline M. Nolan 16 SEEDING THE FUTURE Stormwater management regulation and other green roof incentives have helped Portland install 9.5 acres of ecoroof and 11.5 acres of green roof – with another 40 acres in the pipeline. By Amy Chomowicz and Tom Liptan FROM THE FOUNDER CITY POWER 17 A GREEN ROOF CAPITOL CITY Urban centers are a critical cornerstone of the green roof industry. By Steven W. Peck 2 STRATA — PEOPLE, PRODUCTS & PROJECTS CITIESALIVE! Achieving Washington, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty’s vision of 20 percent green roofs in 20 years. By Dr. Hamid Karimi 19 FROM “BEANTOWN” TO “GREENTOWN” Speakers from around the world poised to inspire and educate during the World Green Infrastructure Network’s conference in Toronto. By Rebecca Black 3 WELCOME TO TORONTO Progress in Boston includes being the first to adopt LEED® standards as part of the City’s zoning code – giving green roofs a boost. By Bryan Glascock 20 BEYOND THE DEBATE A personal welcome from host Mayor of Toronto, David Miller to CitiesAlive! conference in October. 4 BEST PRACTICE PART 2 0F 2: RISK-REDUCTION TOOLS 22 Minneapolis’ new 113,000 square-foot extensive green roof on the Target Center is just one, visible example of how far the City has come in its support of green infrastructure. By Kate Murray A MORE BEAUTIFUL BALTIMORE Learning to manage the potential risks of green roof design, construction and installation with bonds, warranties and contracts. By Heather Stevenson & Dan Slone 8 POLICY TOWARD BIRD-FRIENDLY LIVING ARCHITECTURE 28 A new Sustainability Plan, LEED®-related incentive plan and a proposed tax credit are creating a healthier city for all. By Cailin McGough RESEARCH UNDERSTANDING THE GREEN ROOF EVAPOTRANPIRATION PROCESS Over one hundred million birds are unnecessarily killed each year in North America due to poor design. Here’s how one Canadian city reduced these deaths. By Kelly Snow 24 POLICY SUPPORT 32 Laboratory experiments are helping to quantify energy fluxes and water management of a green and brown roof. By Paulo Cesar Tabares-Velasco & Jelena Srebric GRHC UPDATE GHRC PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CALENDAR From fast-track permitting to stormwater-fee credits, there are a myriad of ways communities can encourage the rapid adoption of green roofs and walls in North America. By Sara Loveland and Nora Shepard 26 SEATTLE’S GREEN FACTOR Get ready to take the next GRP exam with GRHC’s professional courses and other educational opportunities. 33 34 WELCOME NEW CORPORATE MEMBERS ON SPEC THIS GIRL SCOUT KNOWS BEST A simple modification to landscape ordinance has created a powerful tool for green infrastructure and urban sustainability. By Steve Moddemeyer Green roofs and walls are part of our sustainable future. So why aren’t more industry professionals connecting with young people? By Caroline Templeton

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2009
City Power
Cities Alive!
Welcome to Toronto
Part 2 of 2: Risk-Reduction Tools
Toward Bird-Friendly Living Architecture
Cities Leading by Example
Q&A: On the Roof With...
7 Million-Square-Feet
Seeding the Future
A Green Roof Capitol City
From "Beantown" To "Greentown"
Beyond the Debate
A More Beautiful Baltimore
Policy Support
Seattle's Green Factor
Understanding The Green Roof Evapotranpiration Process
GHRC Professional Development Calendar
Welcome New Corporate Members
The Girl Scout Knows Best

Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2009