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NEW CORPORATE MEMBERS PLEASE JOIN US IN WELCOMING THE FOLLOWING ORGANIZATIONS TO THE GRHC COMMUNITY TUCOR In 1995, Tucor was the first company to bring proven two-wire controller technology from Europe to the American landscape irrigation industry. With their patent pending “Total Cycle Management,” Tucor provides the ability to manage water application and movement through a combination of moisture and climate sensors. SEMPERGREEN Sempergreen, established in 1996 in the Netherlands, has grown into the largest supplier of green roofs worldwide with over 150 acres in 2008 alone. Their diverse vegetative mats are grown on 100 percent biodegradable coconut fiber mats and provide 85 percent minimum coverage upon installation. The firm recently opened a branch in Stevensburg, Virginia, to serve the North American market. ARROWSTREET Arrowstreet is an architecture firm based in the Boston area with an international portfolio of sustainable work. The firm was honored by Architect magazine as one of the top award-winning green design firms in the country and is the architect for the first building in Boston to be certified LEED® Platinum. SYSTEMS BUILDING ENVELOPE CONSULTANTS LTD Systems Building Envelope Consultants, Ltd. provides expertise in roofing and waterproofing associated mostly with commercial, industrial and large residential projects. Their services include sourcing out water infiltration issues, issuing a scope of work and following up with quality-control site visits. They perform analysis for developers, investors and building owners who are considering buying properties. President Paul Beavers is often engaged as an expert in his field and has testified in county, state and federal courts. ROOF MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS Roof Maintenance Systems (RMS) is a full-service, professional roof management and consulting firm which provides complete roof consulting services for commercial, industrial, private sector and institutional clientele. RMS’s professional service capability encompasses all phases of roof management. The firm prides itself on roof management techniques which have provided substantial savings to building owners. BUILDING ENVELOPE TECHNOLOGY & RESEARCH Building Envelope Technology & Research (BET&R) is a quality-oriented technical consulting and design firm with LEED AP staff specializing in roof-

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Spring 2009
From the Founder
Opportunity Knocks
New Green Roof Incentive for Toronto
The Role of Structural Engineer
On the Roof With...
Roots of Learning
Urban Farming
Pushing the Envelope on Community-Scale Research
Raising a Green Roof for Eco-Literacy
Soft-Benefit Valuation
What's New for Atlanta
GHRC Professional Development Calendar
Accreditation Milestone
Welcome New Corporate Members
Moving On

Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Spring 2009