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GRHC UPDATE GREEN WALL RESEARCH DR. DAVID TILLEY’S TEAM AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND AND MAUREEN CONNELLY AT BCIT RECEIVE FUNDING FOR GREEN WALL RESEARCH By Reuben Freed wo three-year research projects initiated by the GRHC Green Walls Committee began this spring to evaluate the primary attributes of green walls; namely their effect on temperature at the surface and through the building envelope, and ability to divert and intercept rainfall and consequent effect on stormwater management. Green Walls contribute leaf area that makes shade and shade affects temperature. The temperature of the building envelope affects the comfort of the occupants: heat energy is in balance and the measurement of this balance for vegetated green wall systems is the goal of Dr David Tilley and his team at the University of Maryland. Using a group of moveable subject and control green walls, the team will measure thermal transfer at various locations and orientations as leaf area increases over time. The species chosen for this research is Vitis Riparia a broad-leaf deciduous native grapevine capable of growing several feet each year. Maureen Connelly and her team at The Centre for Architectural Ecology, British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Vancouver, British Columbia, therefore, will focus on the stormwater management aspects of green walls specifically in terms of the rainfall interception capacity of green façades and the water-balance model of living wall systems. Purposely designed research structures equipped with sensors and monitoring devices have been dedicated to support the project. The fast growing, deciduous vine chosen to facilitate this research is Polygonum Aubertii, or Silver Lace Vine, whose characteristics are quick coverage of 10 to 12 feet, tolerant of a broad range of moisture conditions and soils in part to full sun. Initial report from both Green Wall Research teams are due next winter following the roofs’ first growing season, so stay tuned. D Reuben Freed is director of research and product development at greenscreen® based in Los Angeles, California and chair of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities’ Green Walls Committee. LEARN MORE The Centre for Architectural Ecology Dr. David Tilley’s “Ecosystem Engineering Design Lab” at the University of Maryland - 34 LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR SUMMER 2009 Image courtesy of greenscreen® T

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Summer 2009
The Case for Mandated Green Roofs
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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Summer 2009