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2008 SURVEY BACKGROUND & METHODOLOGY U.S. GREEN ROOF INDUSTRY INDUSTRY GROWS BY 35 PERCENT IN 2008 RESULTS FROM GREEN ROOFS FOR HEALTHY CITIES’ ANNUAL SURVEY OF CORPORATE MEMBERS hicago did it again! The City of Chicago, which has numerous policies in place to support green roofs and urban greening, implemented the most square feet of green roofs in 2008 of any metropolitan region, followed closely by Washington, D.C., according to the results from Green Roofs for Healthy Cities’ Fourth Annual Industry Survey of Corporate Members. However, New York City, which came third in this year’s survey, could soon be a strong competitor with the passage of a historical tax abatement measure in 2008 providing up to USD $100,000 per green roof to improve stormwater management and reduce the urban heat island effect. Overall, the industry is healthy with a U.S. growth rate of more than 35 percent over 2007, In 2004, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities implemented the first survey of green roof development activity in North America. The first survey collected baseline data from our Corporate Members on the square footage of intensive, semi-intensive and extensive green roofs in Canada and the United States, by city. The baseline data is for the year 2004. The survey data is received and compiled by an independent third party, Kendon Light, directly from our corporate membership. Kendon Light confirms the accuracy of the data that he compiles each year. The data reported here is only for one year, 2008, and therefore does not represent the total square footage implemented in a given city or metropolitan area. The potential for duplicate entries is removed, by comparing project addresses and eliminating them from the total. The data presented does not capture all of the green roof activity that is taking place in the market. We estimate that the survey represents approximately 50 to 75 percent of all major green roof installations for a given year. 4 LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR C representing more than 3.1 million square feet installed in 2008. “The green roof industry continues to grow rapidly in response to the pressing need for cleaner air, better stormwater management, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and developing more usable green spaces in our communities,” says Steven W. Peck, founder and president, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. “The diversity of projects, policies and research featured at our very successful annual conference held this past June in Atlanta, Georgia is a testament to the rapid expansion of our industry.” “Growing public policy support for green roofs at the local level is continuing to fuel the growth of green roof job creation in 2009,” adds Peter Lowitt, past chair, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Board of Directors. D 2007 SURVEY Total Projects Total Square Feet USA Only Canada Only Extensive Projects Extensive Square Feet Intensive Projects Intensive Square Feet Semi/Mixed Projects Semi/Mixed Square Feet 367 2,407,525 1,952,531 454,994 319 2,135,304 30 186,276 18 85,945 2008 SURVEY 532 3,182,039 2,647,355 519,684 480 2,729,693 29 242,258 23 210,088 GROWTH RATE % 44.96 32.17 35.59 14.22 50.47 27.84 -3.45 30.05 27.78 144.44 Source: Green Roofs for Healthy Cities 2008 Industry Survey – SUMMER 2009

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Summer 2009
The Case for Mandated Green Roofs
Student Sustainable Design Competition
GIF Road Show
U.S. Green Roof Industry Grew By 35 Percent in 2008
Part 1 of 2: Risk-Reduction Tools
On the Roof With . . .
The World's First Accredited Green Roof Professionals (GRPs)
A Haven for Butterflies
A Green Roof at Sea
A Biophilic Oasis
A Green Roof for Every Angle
Community Focal Point
Nature in the City
Growing Lives
A Green Roof with Wings
A Policy Pioneer
A Dedicated Researcher
Designing a Better Future
Fire & Wind Standards
GHRC Professional Development Calendar
Welcome New Corporate Members
Green Wall Research
Standing the Test of Time

Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Summer 2009