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PROJECT A GREEN WALL FOR WILDLIFE Water-loving native trees, shrubs and climbers, along with bioretention and wildlife ponds all play a role in keeping this Virginia ecosystem surrounding the NWF headquarters healthy and strong. By Roxanne Nersesian Paul RESEARCH GREEN ROOFS AND LOCAL TEMPERATURE How green roofs partition water, energy and costs in urban airconditioning budgets. By Paul S. Mankiewicz, Peter Spartos and Eric Dalski TURNING YOUR ROOF INTO A WATER SAVING “LIVING OASIS” An innovative approach to integrated building water management. By Alfredo Fernández-González FEATURE WATER & GEORGIA FROM THE FOUNDER WHEN IS A GREEN ROOF REALLY “GREEN”? Understanding the role of context and lifecycle. By Steven W. Peck STRATA PEOPLE PRODUCTS & PROJECTS FUNDING FOR THE GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE FOUNDATION GIF Green roofs and walls are taking root in Georgia – and not a minute too soon as America’s 5th fastest growing state focuses on green infrastructure solutions and incentives such as stormwater credits to alleviate pressing water challenges. By Wayne King Sr. GRHC UPDATE GHRC PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CALENDAR Home Depot support allows new foundation to hit the ground running. By Michael Krause AN INTEGRATED APPROACH TO GREEN ROOFS Your regional guide to upcoming training courses on green roofs and walls. ACCREDITATION EXAM SUBJECT TO STRINGENT STANDARDS WELCOME NEW CORPORATE MEMBERS ON SPEC CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN Photovoltaics, cisterns, heat pumps and recycled walkways make the Southface Energy Institute’s roof in Altanta, Georgia a model of whole-systems green building design. By Bourke Reeve ON THE ROOF WITH… Nancy Somerville, executive vice president, asla talks about the new Sustainable Sites Initiative. By Caroline Nolan The overall forecasts for 2009 may be grim, but there’s an abundance of reasons to be bullish when it comes to the living architecture industry. By Jennifer Sprout LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR WINTER 1

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Winter 2009
From the Founder: When is a Green Roof Really "Green"?
Strata - People, Products & Projects: Funding for the Green Infrastructure Foundation (GIF)
An Integrated Approach to Green Roofs
On the Roof with...
Project: A Green Wall for Wildlife
Research: Green Roofs and Local Temperature
Turning Your Roof into a Water-Saving "Living Oasis"
Feature: Water & Georgia
GRHC Update: GHRC Professional Development Calendar
Accreditation Exam Subject to Stringent Standards
Welcome New Corporate Members
On Spec: Change We Can Believe In

Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Winter 2009