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AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE SPECS CATEGORY: Extensive Industrial/ Commercial PROJECT: ESRI Canada; 7,575-square-feet. AWARD RECIPIENT: Sco� Torrance Scott Torrance Landscape Architect Inc. and Margaret Mulligan Landscape Architect Inc., Toronto, Ontario (landscape architect) CLIENT: ESRI Canada, Toronto, Ontario DESIGN TEAM: Structural Engineer K.H. Davis Consulting Ltd. Green Roof System Manufacturer LiveRoof Green Roof System Supplier LiveRoof Ontario, Inc. Green Roof Installers Gardens in the Sky Roofing Consultant Premier Levaque Inc. A GREEN ROOF THAT MOVES NEITHER A RECESSION NOR BEING A TENANT COULD STOP ESRI CANADA FROM DELIVERING ON ITS COMMITMENT TO ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY — EVEN IF THE COMPANY NEEDS TO RELOCATE SOME DAY COST: CDN $25-35 per square foot/total $200,000 “ 18 THE ENTIRE ROOF GARDEN IS MODULAR, PRE-VEGETATED AND BUILT ON TOP OF THE EXISTING WATERPROOFING, INSULATION AND BALLAST USING PRE-PLANTED 4" AND 6" DEPTH TRAYS, 24" DEEP YEW PLANTERS AND 48" DEEP SCOTS PINE PLANTERS. THIS CREATED BOTH AN INSTANT GREEN ROOF AND THE ABILITY FOR THE TENANT TO COMPLETELY REMOVE THE SYSTEM, RETURNING THE TERRACE TO ITS ORIGINAL CONDITION. Scott Torrance, Scott Torrance Landscape Architect, Inc. LIVING ARCHITECTURE MONITOR FALL 2010 E SRI Canada, a provider of geographic information system (GIS) solutions, is committed to sustainability and initiated the idea to turn an adjacent paved terrace on its 9th floor offices into a green roof to provide useable green space to benefit the company and the environment. The company’s president was inspired by a Ryerson University study which estimates that if eight percent of existing building roofs in Toronto were planted, surface temperatures could be reduced by one to two degrees Celsius, helping to ease the City’s growing urban heat effect. This project was unique as ESRI Canada is a tenant. Therefore, the design had to account for the possibility of relocation. It is also significant that the project was pursued during the global recession (planning started in 2007). ESRI Canada knew the benefits would far outweigh the costs and proceeded with the project despite the severe economic downturn. After a feasibility study and numerous design charrettes with ESRI Canada’s staff members, a design was developed that met all users’ needs and incorporated practical and innovative elements including portability — a feature that dazzled the judges for its innovation practicality. As such, using prefabricated, pre-planted modular trays laid on top of the existing concrete roof pavers, this is one green roof that easily moves; it is can be lifted and removed with no damage to the building in the event of an office relocation. The design also maximizes the existing building, providing an additional 7,575-square-feet of useable space without increasing ESRI Canada’s rent. This green roof is already paying off in many ways including 10 percent reduction in energy consumption for air conditioning. A City of Toronto grant covered roughly 15 percent of building costs. From awards to onsite visits, the green roof has also significantly added to the company’s brand reputation for environmental stewardship with many stakeholders including staff, customers, partners and the public.

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Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2010
From the Founder - Urban Agriculture
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Project - Farming for the City
Beekeeping - Diary of an Urban Apiarist
Exemplary Design - GRHC’s 2010 Awards of Excellence Winners
A Green Roof That Moves
Steeped in Ecological Design
Creating Community
A Model of Municipal Leadership
A Green Roof That Works
Like a Grassland Stream
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Recycling Rainwater
Research - Increasing Urban Food Security With Extensive Green Roofs
Economic Valuation of a Rooftop Food Garden
Grhc Update - Macro-Scale Food Production
New Corporate Members
New GRPs
On Spec - Urban Agriculture — Hero or Hype?

Green Roofs - Living Architecture Monitor - Fall 2010